Energized Distillates only give normal +50% on crit

Energized distillates still seem to give only the normal +50% XP on crit.

It’s a bit difficult to monitor without a mod, but my earlier comparing of XP bar changes seemed to support this. Please prove this wrong if it’s just a visual bug, but this is what a mod shows:

Before empowerment signet is lacking 1 666 300 XP.

Using an energized distillate which should grant +8700 XP on crit.
(The mod shows the default +2900 XP would result to signet lacking 1 663 400 XP.)

Got a crit.
After empowerment the signet is lacking 1 661 950 XP.

1 666 300 - 1 661 950 = 4 350, which is the normal 2900 + 50%.

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Oh Man, I hope it’s just a visual bug! I save them up and use them all with the ones that give you a guaranteed crit, so I never checked.

They definitely work with the guaranteed crit ones; I used 4 that way today and got the full 100k+ xp as promised (4 levels on a red tali). mix of 150-250% E17 quality ones.

If it hadn’t worked I would have taken another picture after for sure.

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Never mind. Sorry for the all the posts. I just realized it was a 150% crit on top of the standard crit making it 200%

The XP total on the bottom of the item is the total number it’s supposed to give when it crits (in that case 8700) because normal crits are 50% and bonus crits add to that (1+0.5+1.5)

Yeah, I just realized when I went to look at my own Energizedmabobbers.

The mod used is maXPert.


Are you sure the bug is on game end and not the mod never being made to track energized stuff? Wouldn’t be the first mod to break thanks to the rebalance changing stuff.

No, I am not sure. That’s why I’d like someone to confirm if it’s a visual bug, on game end or with the mod.

On the bugs-and-feedback channel of SWL discord server I’ve seen at least one other person report not getting the promised XP from these (not getting the number of levels that were supposed to result).

In the open beta I used energized distillate with a crit on a fresh talisman, empowered another one with distillates of similar amount of XP +50%, and the XP bars seemed identical. Of course, that information is outdated, but I haven’t seen a mention about anything done about it, and I don’t have the luxury to optimize my distillates for thorough testing on live. That’s why I’m hoping other people can confirm it or prove me wrong.

No screenshots but finally one critted.

You received [Energized Talisman Distillate (4,200cc) (+200% on crit)]

Gave 6300 xp on crit.

And again with [Energized Weapon Distillate (7,000cc) (+50% on crit)]:
(edited the bar below the result so it’s easier to see it’s 1.5x, not 2x due to the crit)
Should be 14000 due to the +50%, actually gave 10500

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