Tooltips in need of updating

I’m pretty sure some of these have been reported already, but here are some anyway.

Torturer’s Instrument - Has an outdated hp% in the description of Die Hard

Bullheaded - Misses a %-sign from “10% increased healing received” to match the patch notes

[Edit: My bad, these are fine:
Energized Distillates - The total XP stated in brackets doesn’t match the calculated result.]

Vengeful - The information about this buff could be more… informative.

Did you test the distillates’ xp by using them in the empowerment window and you’re saying they don’t match the xp they give in reality?

Cause i don’t see anything wrong in the calculated values.

7200 * 1.5 + 7200 * 2 = 25200
6100 * 1.5 + 6100 * 0.5 = 12200

Ah, you’re right. I was looking at the values and forgot the base crit. I’ve never seen anywhere mentioned that a basic crit does +50%, but should have remembered that’s the cause.
Didn’t test them, maybe I will when I have time.

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Welp, only got one crit from these so far, but the actual empowerment result did not seem to match the stated total amount of XP at crit.

Used 6000XP +150% on crit (18000XP total)
It did crit, but according to the mod it gave 9000XP.



Could be that the mod doesn’t understand the additional XP, but I did upgrade another talisman with the same amount of 9000XP, and the bar seems to be equally filled.

I’ll test more if i happen to get more crits from these.