Catalyst question

Just received an “Energizing Talisman Empowerment Catalyst” from the OD scenario.

The text I’m questioning is “when used to empower a talisman, causes the empowerment to have critical results.”

Does this count with all of the other items used to empower the talisman? For instance, could I use 4 other distillates and it would crit them all? Only the first one? A random one?

I don’t have an example in front of me, but there is another item you can get that gives more XP on a crit. Is that a catalyst as well (so it wouldn’t work with this)?

Here’s a screenshot:

OK. Only one catalyst can be used at a time.
It effects all distillates being used in the empowerment.
Especially good on distillates that give an XP boost on crit. Although, it works as a normal crit on other distillates. Therefore, it is best to fill all the distillate boxes.
Always check the UI for the predicted critical results because you may want to switch around distillates a bit for optimal results.