Synergizing empowerment catalyst

I’m feeling more than a little slow this morning. What precisely does a synergizing talisman empowerment catalyst do? I’m guessing it makes the talisman it is attached to gain strength faster but is the effect permanent for that talisman or possibly for all future examples of that talisman or what?

It takes effect only for the empowerment(s) it is used with.

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You put it in the Upgrade window’s empowerment slot next to distillates, and it improves the XP gain from distillates. (so to be most effective to your item leveling, you use it with 4 distillates and 1 synergizing empowerment catalyst)

So simple when you know how. I do have a tendency to overcomplicate things. So I need to accumulate 4 high value distillates to get the best from it. Thank you

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