[Bug] Empowerment Catalyst Tooltips

There are a few issues I have with the tooltips for the various kinds of Empowerment Catalysts:

All Empowerment Catalysts

Empowerment Catalysts claim in their description to be catalyzing agents, but there is a slight problem with that. Considering Secret World Legends favors British English spelling and/or uses a style guide employing similar spelling choices, then this should almost certainly be catalysing. For example, Secret World Legends uses analyse, not analyze, and paralyse, not paralyze.

Or, perhaps a more relevant example to the Balance Pass: Secret World Legends uses Cauterise.

All Empowerment Catalyst items should likely instead use catalysing to follow consistency with the rest of the game.

…and it’d be awesome for confirmation of a SWL style guide~ Which I now really want… for Reasons.

Synergizing Empowerment Catalysts

In addition to suffering from the wayward catalysis, the Synergizing Empowerment Catalysts all say anima energy when all other Empowerment Catalyst types - as well as all of the new Distillates - say anima-energy.

One might want to consider Synergising as well as Energising for the Empowerment Catalysts and Energised for the Distillates, on that note.

Less of an issue, but still something I will note while I’m at it is that since Synergizing Empowerment Catalysts all have the same template text, they say “When used to empower a . . …” regardless of whether or not what it empowers starts with a consonant or vowel. It can get awkward when the subject does require the use of an, since it will just keep using a. Presumably this is just due to how the tooltip is formed, so I can’t get too mad at it.

TL;DR: I have a mighty need for consistency.


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