English locale - typos and grammar

Game mode: [Any]
Type of issue: [Misc - English Locale]
Server type: [All]

There are numerous typos and the data tables could use a grammar pass. For example there are roughly 70-80 double spaces between words in the item and recipe tables and sentences that are missing a space after a period in journey texts and subtitles, an example would be the text below and what it should be.

body behind it.Beware the mighty kick -> body behind it. Beware the mighty kick
you feel stiff and sore.Your concern -> you feel stiff and sore. Your concern
armor, which your certain is a useful skill to have. -> armor, which you’re certain is a useful skill to have.
dangerous place.You half-remember fragments -> dangerous place. You half-remember fragments
how to make things.There’s a certain pleasure -> how to make things. There’s a certain pleasure
balance and counterbalance.There is a light -> balance and counterbalance. There is a light
end quickly.Your eyes -> end quickly. Your eyes
definitive blow.Woe be to your enemies. -> definitive blow. Woe be to your enemies.
Destroy the Abyssal Remnant -> Destroy the Abysmal Remnant

Other suggestions include
Item Title Capitalization/Consistency Fixes
Double bed -> Double Bed
Iron bowl -> Iron Bowl
Iron jug -> Iron Jug
Ornate ceramic jug -> Ornate Ceramic Jug
Snake idol -> Snake Idol
Improved Preservation box -> Improved Preservation Box
Preservation box -> Preservation Box
White rhinoceros -> White Rhinoceros

Bracelet removal quest item consistency (all others have a double line break for specifying it’s needed to unlock the bracelet)
Xel-ha.\nThis is one of the artefacts -> Xel-ha.\n\nThis is one of the artefacts
north.\nThis is one of the artefacts -> north.\n\nThis is one of the artefacts

Journey/Consistency Fixes
Destroy the Abyssal Remnant -> Destroy the Abysmal Remnant

NPC Title Capitalization/Consistency Fixes
Daicas the sharp -> Daicas the Sharp
Ghamm the worn -> Ghamm the Worn
Gnash the hungry -> Gnash the Hungry
Jon the tinkerer -> Jon the Tinkerer
M’aath the fleshtearer -> M’aath the Fleshtearer
Manos, the handful -> Manos the Handful
Risa the brutal -> Risa the Brutal
Secas the smith -> Secas the Smith
Silas the weathered -> Silas the Weathered
Spinas the marauder -> Spinas the Marauder
Vais the wayfaerer -> Vais the Wayfaerer
Nordheimer Priest I -> Ymir Priest
Nordheimer Priest II -> Ymir High Priest
Nordheimer Priest III -> Ymir Archpriest
Amzadi the wanderer -> Amzadi the Wanderer
Eina the light -> Eina the Light
Kelvan the bringer of Suffering -> Kelvan the Bringer of Suffering
Makiela Hide ripper -> Makiela Hide-ripper
Oisun the smith -> Oisun the Smith
Ulrik the mountaineer -> Ulrik the Mountaineer
Werk of the lost tribe -> Werk of the Lost Tribe
Yakinu The Lacerator -> Yakinu the Lacerator
Yorik heir of the North -> Yorik, Heir of the North
Donia , Keeper of the Riddle of Steel -> Donia, Keeper of the Riddle of Steel
Kaud the Leather-worker -> Kaud the Leatherworker
Moryn , Dye-master -> Moryn, Dye-master
Pelor the well-travelled -> Pelor the Well-travelled
Dina, Master huntress -> Dina, Master Huntress

The description on the “Black Ice Pick” and “Acheronian Pick” should describe the item as a pick and not a pickaxe

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Hey @Ethernet

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback. We’ve fixed some typos in our current Testlive build, but we’re sending your list to our #spellchekker team to keep improving. :slight_smile:

Good list. Minor nitpick (hey it’s a list of typos, it’s almost mandatory to nitpick!):

Surely that should be Wayfarer, no?

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Another thing is that its hard to find those NPC names when spawning in from admin panel in single player for testing purposes.
Example Bandit Leader you find in admin panel as “RelichunterRobber_Boss”
Daicas the Sharp spawn you find as “Votaries_Fighter_4”

If i didnt have a list like on gamepedia i would be lost, but its not always up to date


Yes, for some reason I must have skipped over that one when I started looking for title capitalization consistency.

This is probably due to programming and scripting. They may not have an official name when they are programming the thralls, so they use region,type, etc…as a place holder, and then update in game visual name when they bring it all together.

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yep, i understand that, but not all have that knowledge, so i was thinking more userfriendly menus and names. I n the background they can call it what id they want, but not to the user :slight_smile:

I agree, the admin panel needs work. I would prefer to see the in game name vs the db name as well.


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