Grammar Police Check


I’m not sure what ‘Convertion’ is but it sounds horrible…
This is evident on the “Join Server” listings, when you look at a particular servers settings…

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There’s quite a few spelling errors in the item descriptions too, here’s the description for Honey, with the incorrect word in bold;

“Even at the lowest point in the cycle of savagery and civilization, mankind never fails to value honey. The sweet, viscous food substance miraculously defies contagion and rot. It is used in cooking. The very first fermented beverages came from honey. Medicine men and women know to apply honey to rashes, wounds, and burns - to administer it to ease coughs and soar throats. Honey is even employed in certain Stygian embalming techniques.”

Unless of course, they’re implying honey can make your throat fly, but I doubt that.


Thanks for reporting this, I hope a developer will notice it.

There’s plenty of these issues in the database and they’re not at a particulairly high priority as an fyi.


It’s 2019, game is 2 years in the public domain. There should not be any spelling errors at this point.

I half expect a big patch to correct most of “these sorts of things” after they hammer down the bigger issues. I do, however, consider this a bigger issue. It erodes public/customer’s trust in your product, even if only a little bit. If everyone can notice it, then it erodes everyone’s confidence in the game.

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I don’t disagree with you about credibility when it comes to speaking in one’s native tongue, or only English. But when a developer is debugging and editing among multiple languages, there can be some gentle leeway. “Encumberance” is one that springs to my mind, that’s both a common pet peeve and one that’s slated to be fixed.

I did a quick internet translation check … in Norwegian the word for sore and soar independent of any context is the same thing as far as my 1minute check let me see.
That is:
sore is sar with an accent over the a
Soar is sar with the same accent over the a
( the horizontal : if this makes any sense)
Whereas if you use soar as part of a sentence it changes … “soar above” is translated to “sveve over”
So I think many of these typos originate by the translation program they used … and perhaps the human checkers of the translation not being aware of all the nuances of English that a native English speaker has from growing up with that language … I raid with a German group and whilst the raid lead is fairly good at English occasionally things will catch him out especially when trying to use colloquial phrases.
And many times I’ve copied non-English phrases into the basic google translate program and translated … I can understand the output but it’s not usually rendered into the way I’d write it in English.

So create a bug report for each instance of mistakes like this we find and gradually they will correct them … but likely to be a low priority fix. Or don’t if you do not wish to invest the time doing so … and just live with the typos…


There are tonnes of those like that in the game. They are working to correct them as they find them or they are pointed out. It is minor so might take a patch or two.

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There are games that have been out MUCH longer than Conan Exiles, and still have multiple spelling errors in them, some even done by far larger studios, so no, is doesn’t “erode confidence” in a product, most people simply don’t notice or care, and some who do notice it point it out, but don’t care if it gets fixed or expect it to.

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First I laughed at this thread, mainly because of the posters here who use ‘alter’ which is actually ‘altar’.

It’s not that it bothers me in any way, just that this community could think spelling errors would erode game confidence.

I agree with @CrystalGoddess 100%. Apply the resources to correcting serious issues, like logging in at all.

Once the game bugs are completely fixed (ever seen that in any game?), typos could be on the list, but would be a part of a pretty poor business plan.

If the directors think typos would hinder profit margins, they would easily fix it by hiring an english teacher, who probably makes 30% of what a dev is paid (which is a shame, BTW, we need good teachers).

If they get around to it, fine. If not, fine.

Just my twopence.


Hey there,

We’ve sent it to our #spellchekker team and put them on a gruel diet to teach them a lesson. Once they get their act together they can go back to the honeyed version.
Thanks for your feedback.


Not as much as I’d like it to, unfortunately. It’s a pain when one is trying to earn a living as a professional proofreader that people simply don’t care about proper spelling or grammar anymore - not publishers, nor their customers.

@GodisGood: Typos happen. That’s unavoidable. The number of typos in Conan Exiles is a little embarrassing, but not disastrous. The unfortunate fact is that proofreading yields diminishing returns: if you can catch 90 % of spelling errors in one pass, you’re left with 10 %. If you make another pass, which takes nearly as much time as the first pass since you need to read the entire text with care anyway, you’ve caught 99 %, which still leaves 1 %. Are you willing to pay the proofreader for a third pass to catch 99.9 % of typos, or are you going to be satisfied that some will be left?

As a side note: spelling and grammar are two different things. “Can I haev cheese?” is a spelling error. “I can has cheese?” is a grammatical error.

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It’s gonna happen eventually, and if it’s fixed in a reasonable amount of time it’s not a big deal at all.

My comment is more toward that “section” of the game. The little things that get ignored when they should not be. First, because they are easy to fix, second because they are silly mistakes or oversights.

Maybe “trust” is not the right word, confidence might have been a better choice. A minor annoyance, is still one that annoys. Nobody is having a stroke over these issues, but there is no need to argue that it’s “ok” for them to be/stay there.

“Mistakes were made.” … “Fix them.” … “Already did.” Is sort of what I hope for in regards to the little things. Which is how the mods responded.

I love the game, was only responding to a post.

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