Blood healing tooltips reflect reduced healing values

I reported this on Reddit and twice on the Discord Bugs channel. So I’m sure its already in some list. Regardless, let’s do it again, albeit the short version.

When martyrdom is increased the tooltips for blood healing abilities (or all healing regardless of origin) show the reduced healing based on the martyrdom penalty.

This is fine for all sources except for blood abilities. Their tooltips should be displaying values adjusted for the Martyrdom healing Bonus not the penalty.

I don’t care that Sanctuary will heal me for 9 health with 100 Martyrdom, I care what it heals my tank for. It’d also be nice to know if it affects barrier strength or not.


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The tooltips aren’t ever modified by any multiplicative source of damage increase, and Corruption / Heat are such increases. If anything, the fact that the tooltip is actually modified by the Martyrdom penalty is weird. So i’m not sure this is a bug in the way you intend it to be.

You say this as if its some unwritten albeit universally known rule of games or something. Additive only, never multiplicative? Is there a reason they cannot do this?

The values should most definitely be fixed to reflect damage bonuses as well as healing bonuses rather than the healing penalties that only affect oneself (or hell, both). Especially from bonuses gained by the weapon’s own specialty.

I’m no mathematician so I certainly have no desire to multiply 2391 by 15.3% or 28.2% or whatever just to figure out precisely how much I’m expecting to heal someone for.

When I check the values on an ability that go up and down based on one thing but not the other, it concerns me that maybe the other might not be working properly. I guess that’s just how my mind works.

Whether they discover a previously unknown way to dynamically alter multiplicative values or not, it certainly should not be affecting every healing value on every tooltip, even those on gadgets and other healing weapons.

It may not be the bug I believed it to be, but there’s a bug around here nonetheless, and feel free to call the rest feedback.

You say this as if its some unwritten albeit universally known rule of games or something.

I threw a fact on how this works here, and how it works in TSW. You can take it the way you want, that’s your problem. I don’t have any clear idea on why this is done like it is.