Blood Healing and Martyrdom

OK, I am confused.

The tutorial video for blood "Speciality spotlight"says that when your martyrdom increases - it increases the potency of all healing. It states that when you have a high martyrdom level it makes it more difficult for you to be healed. So these numbers - together with their descriptions which say they heal defensive targets (not the self) don’t seem to add up to me.

This is the first time i’m trying blood healing.

I have a compendium of wards and slot the “Sanctuary” blood heal

Before i use it - it says it will cast a shield on my defensive target of 2791 if a shield exists it will instead heal for 2791
My Fist Elite says it will do 2946 and a further 1105 every second

Once i use this “Sanctuary” it increases my martyrdom
And the tooltip states the shield will now do 2658
Fist Elite is reduced also to 2359
with a further 884 every second

At max martyrdom i end up with:
140 shield from sanctuary
128 fist elite
with a further 48 per second

I’m not sure how this works - but that doesn’t sound like an increase to healing from all sources to me for my defensive targets…

Just adding that for; Compendium of Wards Increases the power of your Blood Magic barriers by 15%. Also, whenever you cast a Blood Magic barrier your Martyrdom level is increased by an additional 4.

Is the focus a Recovery weapon?

Were you test healing on yourself? The reduced healing numbers in tool-tip with martyrdom, could reflect how much you heal yourself, but which would be greater for healing a non-blood player…

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Yes, this is why i found this confusing.
In more ways than one - as in - not just the fact it doesn’t actually reflect in the tooltip and makes me not want to use it lol
The compendium of wards by description is supposed to increase the barriers - but i don’t even know if that is working or not lol

Adding more to my confundida. :confused:

The Blood focus is of Energy
Yes i tested it on myself - i’m yet to test it on another and see if the numbers are the same.
I don’t want to kill anyone in the process tho lol

But i don’t see why it should show you the reduced numbers just because YOU the CASTER are more difficult to be healed under the martyrdom effect, if anything, it should show you the increase so you can accurately know and make a judgement based on the facts you see as to just how powerful those barriers and heals are.
Why the hell is it like this?

Like i said this is my first time using blood at all, i never used it in TSW and got the Compendium to pair up with the flame wreathed fists.

I thought “oooh nice combo, lots of heals, lovely”

That just makes it look like it’s not working how they described in the “Specialty Spotlight” video
I’m actually laughing to myself on how this is being portrayed as working lol
even if it is and it’s coz it’s the martyrdom effect of “you are more difficult to heal and this is how much more difficult”
lmao :rofl:

Ok, just tested on another
It still says “this is how much barrier / healing you are giving your defensive target” 128 lol
by this notion am i meant to believe that with the passive “Soothe” it says it will increase the healing from all sources - that it will actually show as a further reduction on the tooltip…
Wait, what if i one shot myself?
can that happen?

Not one shot, but you can kill yourself with Blood…
If i understand correctly Soothe acts as a buff on the defensive target, boosting the heal that they receive from anyone, and not affecting the blood healers martyrdom at all.

When the tool-tip says you heal another for 128, how much does it actually heal them for? In the combat log? They’ll need to be taking damage though, so that the healing can take effect.

Well that’s my point - the Blood heals also say they heal the defensive target by the amount they show in the tooltip lol But it’s showing me the effect of the heal after martydom is taken into account.
Which i don’t think it should do.

Whether they do or not i don’t know, but if by the tooltip and the passive description both mean the same thing, heals defensive target and effects the defensive target - then one would assume it to be a reduction also (going by how the ability tooltip works)
I’m guessing this is not the case - but still, it’s a wonky way of doing things and it’s not helping me see how much i actually could do.

This will require more testing, but it’s sad that i may never want to use the blood focus for blood healing at all.

Right. It is misleading and confusing, and the variability of both Corruption and Martyrdom make it unclear as to what the actual numbers that Blood Magic produce are.

Hopefully your tests confirm that there isn’t a reduction in healing output with increased martyrdom, and that Blood is the most powerful healing weapon.

I think that the tricky bit here is that you’re using yourself as a defensive target for heals. Corruption and Martyrdom reducing your incoming heals will thus interfere with any increased output.

Healing someone else won’t hurt them, though potentially you can kill yourself, as heals with high levels of Martyrdom will damage you (regardless of your target). Each ability used over a Martyrdom/Corruption threshold will inflict damage which is a percentage of your max hp (so putting on survival AA won’t help you live longer). Outside of combat, that’s pretty tricky to do because your levels will drop off faster than you can easily maintain.

I think that the video’s wording is off - I don’t believe that Martyrdom increases the amount of healing done by weapons other than blood magic. If you read the information about the weapon, (via the :question: symbol beside the play icon in the top right of the weapon page,) then it’s a lot clearer that “Your Blood Magic ability damage or healing is increased by xx.x%. Incoming heals are reduced by Y%”. As a side note, the thresholds give set increases/reductions, so you should be able to confirm numbers pretty easily. The only real trick will be finding a test subject to heal, as you’ll want a big hp pool to avoid losing numbers to overheal, and you’ll need to find something that won’t kill them too quickly.

If you want to test Compendium of Wards, then you’ll need another blood focus of the same level. You should see a difference in the tooltip just with the different weapons equipped. If they aren’t the same level, then you’ll see different numbers anyway, but the weapon suffix won’t matter for the testing.

Getting another blood focus to the same level i have my compendium will take a lonnnng time running the e4-5 circuit lol
The video does say that a high martyrdom increases the potency of all of your heals, i may be taking that too literally as it most likely is exclusive to just blood or perhaps it is all heals, i can’t tell.
Having to press ALT to then look at the tooltip is highly annoying in itself.

I am seeing on the tooltip that it also reduces the fist heals, so it must be affecting it.
haven’t found a willing victim yet to test yet lol

But i do understand the way in which blood offering works, I just don’t understand why it shows on the tooltip the amount i have been debuffed by with the blood offering as opposed to how much of a boost i’m getting with the high martyrdom.
Which is why i am confused with this.
It’s quite difficult to make a judgement or test from one focus with another or even just any blood focus if it’s showing me the reduction and not the boost.
If that makes sense
pulls hair out

Yes, you are. If you read the information about the mechanic on the weapons page:

It doesn’t say anything about increasing the heals from other weapons. I agree that it is not fully clear from the video.

I bought a Compendium and another lvl 1 blue blood focus, and the tooltips are the same for the amount of damage absorbed by the shield. So the 15% is either not showing up on the tooltip, or the bonus isn’t applying correctly.

I don’t know if the tooltips are just borked atm tbh. Unfortunately I don’t think ACT can track the shields, which makes it really hard to work out if it’s WAI or not, but as my martyrdom went up, the tooltip showed reduced heal & shield even when targeting someone else for heals. I’ll try to do some more testing later, but it’s looking like something has gone wrong, nice work spotting it! :smiley:

If you use fist heals as a secondary weapon, or even blood as second and fists main, you will also see the reduction being applied to the tooltip.

Which, based on my understanding, suggests that - if this is affected by martyrdom on the tooltip alone as a negative value - then your martyrdom has actually increased this fist heal (or even leech, I haven’t checked that one yet) value along with the blood heal, because of the blood offering and is showing how much you will be healed because of the blood offering on all sources as opposed to how much actual healing output - because you increased your martyrdom to the highest point.

What a mouthful lool

As far as I understand matyrdom boosts blood heals only as buff on the target (Target receives more from the bloodheal) but it also cripples every other heal…I had a few reconstitution shells heal for only 100 which is pitiful cause I spammed some dreadsigil or sanctuary before it.
A through and through frustrating mechanic.

If this is the case then I have a lovely gold lvl 35 piece of fodder to feed into something more useful lmao

Because of the way in which the blood offering works in relation to the Martyrdom, strangely the blood offering does not effect the values shown on the tooltips for blood or any other weapon when using it for dps. They remain exactly the same as when not using it. But still has no corresponding value to go by that is accurate from the blood offering effect.

Using blood for dps increases your corruption - has no effect on the values shown in tooltip to show the increase in damage caused by blood offerings high corruption.
Using blood for healing increases your martyrdom - has a reduction effect on the values shown in the tooltip - just because you are more difficult to heal because of blood offerings high martydom.