Do agent passives affect healing?

Just got this

and was wondering if it affected healing as well as damage. I’m a main fist healer and it would be a nice little boost. Sure I use fist for dps occasionally for fun, and its still nice, but I would like to know.

Or are there other passives like 3.5% to fist healing? I already have this which is fine for now I suppose. Its basically a diminished version of the Chit of Kinich Ahou.

Yes, that’s the value I get with 100% healing AA, Item Power just over 600.

Anyone know?

Yes, the +3.5% to Fist Damage will boost both damage and healing.

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I agree that it is unclear, even though system-wise it’s applied, the confusion is legit to me.

There are a few other items with confusing descriptions. Such as the Laceration signet. It states it grants bonus to critical damage, but it also increases critical healing. Or I believe it does anyway, who knows for sure really.