Tooltip issues: Reinforce Shells, Blood Specialty

I’ve got the following tooltip issues:

This screenshots shows 2 issues:

  • The tooltip of the ability is “Regenerate Shells” instead of “Reinforce Shells” in the abilities’ panel.
  • There are extra zeros in the protection amount granted by the ability.


This is the blood specialty’s description. The values of % DPS gained on corruption thresholds are wrong since they got changed after the removal of the selfhealing penalty, and there’s no more selfhealing penalty too (the text states otherwise).


LOL I was wondering why that ability wasn’t protecting me like I thought it should be in dungeons. I even mentioned in global how the protection on it looked awesome. Glad I came across this.

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We ran into a minor issue when making the build for the beta server that caused some of the tooltip text to not be properly updated. The Reinforce Shells tooltip will be fixed in the next phase - it should be showing 15000 Protection.

The mechanic information for the weapons has not been updated yet, but will be before it goes Live :slight_smile:


I’m not sure where to put this one too, here we go:

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