Healing Issue with Wraps/Potions Not Healing

It seems they will not heal you unless you eat first are fully sated (watch for the popup) then use your wraps/potions and they start healing. But you must be in the sated state. I assume this is a bug?

I have a private server, I use Pippi, Quality of Life, Less Building placement restrictions, Pickup/Unlock +, Kerozards Paragon Leveling, Shadows of Skelos Vol 2 and Extended, Dudes Delightful Decorations, Sand and Stone1.0.1, Fashionist. I am running the new Savage Lands map mod.

I am running the following mods and I have no issue with the healing items:

-Pippi - User & Server Management (ModID: 880454836)
-Fashionist (ModID: 1159180273)
-Stacksize Plus (ModID: 1396310739)
-Better Thralls (ModID: 931088249)
-Less Building Placement Restrictions (ModID: 1369743238)
-Unlock Plus (with Pickup) (ModID: 877108545)
-ModControlPanel (ModID: 1823412793)

It is not an issue of paragon if you are running the Multigun’s version of it.

Hope this helps you figure out which mod causes it.

P.S. My character is a female.

Having this same issue on our private modded server but only with female characters. Logging out and back in helps “reset” and they work afterwards, or using Pippi to fill a players health works to reset them as well. Doesn’t seem to happen to male player characters.

This was just listed as a known issue for IQoL mod. Hope it helps:

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