Consider Removing Banner That Tells Player They Purchased Something

Now that some of the goods sold by merchants on Isle of Siptah are worth buying (elephant hide and , early on, glass vials) please consider removing the banner that is displayed for each transaction that tells me it occurred.

If I purchase 100 elephant hide or glass vials, I have to sit through 100 sequential displays of that banner. Why does this banner even display? It doesn’t really provide the user with any useful information.


Its way cheaper to go get it then to buy it.
Except camels (when there was no horses).
We have never bought anything, just to costly

Well, I’ve already purchased 200 elephant hide and 75 rock nose eggs and I still have 800 gold bars in a chest. Gold is very very plentiful on the siptah map. Only reason I haven’t converted it all to alchemical base is I have a hard time finding equal amounts of silver.

But that’s not the point of this suggestion. If I purchase 100 of anything from a merchant it’s not awesome that I have to sit through something like 10 minutes of “you have purchased ” appearing and disappearing.

Well it could be worse it could end up when you finish the person says thanks for your purchase for 10 minutes but I buy lots too and it does happen and some times annoying but it’s there for general purchase and not required so if altering it would be low on priority list but you never know

Yeah. Can’t imagine it’s high priority change but I wanted to put the suggestion in none the less.

As a quick workaround, relog. The notices will be gone.



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I will definitely do that the next time I buy elephant hide.

Well almost there but this is the pc bug section. Oh well

Oh hell. You’re right. There’s an actual section for suggestions.

@Community Can someone move this to the correct section?

I second this. I bought a bunch of flasks and I kept getting the notification which basically doesn’t tell me anything new.

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This is an easy fix just have funcom add in client setting to turn off banner notification from transaction. Just add a branch where it display the banner display to client screen. In case if yall think I’m talking out of my ■■■ I’ve work with making settings in mod to allow this or that.

Please yes to that solution. I spent 300 gold coins on rocknose eggs and went already back to my base (which is 15 squares away), placed everything and did another 10 things, went afk, came back, did another 10 things before the notifications finally stopped.

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I feel you mate. I’ve spent 4000 silver coins on glassflasks the other day. Those notifications stayed there for ages

I normally don’t buy from merchants unless it’s specific pets but there is one exception. Glass flasks. Farming the silver is just so much easier than farming all the crystal that you would need for an equal amount

Oh yeah. 2000 silver a couple of weeks ago. I know ALL about it.

let’s not forget you need to burn the crystals to glass and then melt the glass to flasks also

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Totally true. I’d rather use that crystal for bombs

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