Add useful offers to merchants

The merchants are not very useful as now. The things they offer are either not very useful or come in too small quantities so you have to click and click and click and click in order to get a useful amount. No fun at all. Merchants are a bit … underwhelming right now. I hope there will be a “Age of trade” in the future but in the meanwhile the merchants should be updated to offer, well better offers.

They could offer base materials, like 2000 stone, 50 gold nuggets, 1000 wood or refined materials like 200 brick, 50 steel refinforcment etc. There could also be equpment traders, get that steel axe without the feats. Cost should be in silver coins.

Right now I have serveral hundred silverbars but no use for it. Yes, for crafting but most time I need gold combined with silver and gold is more scarce. Plus I have access to the silver mine. Thus I have a lot of silver.

I think it should be like the Mass Cull spell. As a player you get more harvesting with a good axe, pick etc but the spell really saves time (best spell!). Same should be with the merchants. Either selling materials so that the player saves time or having unique offers like rocknose egg like the animal trainsers do.

The animal trainers are somewhat usefull since they offer something the player cannot get by other means. But there is selldom any point visiting them more than once. Perhaps they could sell shadespice as well?

I think that would be a easy fix to the fact that currently there is no point in visiting merchants in Conan Exiles.


Transportory stones require lots of silver to build. But in the Exiled Lands, silver is nevertheless more plentiful than gold.

I basically never buy anything from merchants, except baby pets. So yeah, my coins tend to fall straight into the grinder these days. I wouldn’t mind a more versatile selection of goods for traders.

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Aren’t those guys designed for early game? We are all end game players here so of course the merchants are useless. But I do remember using them when I was a noob. I guess they are there to encourage the starters.

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Also, glass bottles for silver coins. I filled up 6 vaults by accident because I brought a stack of silver coins and didn’t do the math on just how many flasks I would be getting. On the plus side, the guys who raided me were pissed when they broke into vaults, expecting major gains


Not sure, really. Newbie players would have a hard time getting to Sepermeru (or surviving there because of the bandit groups), and they may also not have ready access to a surplus of coins. And if new players don’t know that merchants exist, or how to reach them, or what they sell, once find their way to the merchants they may no longer need them.

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Whatever one may post in this section, there are always 2-3 guys posting something against it.
You may be telling the water is wet, they will be telling it’s not.

Merchants on this game are almost useless.
Only " " " " useful one " " " " (count the " ) is the one at volcano selling ice tea, in case you forgot to bring it with you. And, of corse, the guy selling rocknose eggs (which I would remove from game as it breaks any eventual in-game economy).

This game is one of the few survival games the implements Coins. Probably the only GOOD one. Not having a fine way to use them (except that from making alchemy base - which is like using money to start a fire) is wasting it’s potential.

The guy that sells 1 elephant hide for 5 gold coins … really ? Are you serious ?
Has anyone been dumb enough to buy from him in the history of this game ?

OP is damn right when he says merchants should be improved, and honestly this “game is good as it is” attitude is kinda annoying, you know ? It’s obvious that the game WORKS as it is, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved.

Trading should be a thing in this game. Economy should be a thing. Damn it would be so cool if we have Sepermeru and New Asagarth trading with the lands outside (who wears the bracelet can’t leave the Exiled Lands, but this doesn’t mean that who doesn’t wear can’t travel there to trade). Would be so cool if they host random merchants from time to time, each one having different products/prices: you may find great deals or bad ones. Would be so cool to buy and SELL stuff.

This game has so much potential, stop throwing water on the fire for f*ck’s sake. Let it be improved.

I’m interested to what everyone’s feedback would be on the currency system in Savage Wilds. Its a map that basically has all the goodies from Exiled Lands and Siptah, but not much (if any) of the bad.

It uses bronze coins (a base game item not being used) as the basis. 2 Bronze Coins = 1 Silver Coin, and 2 Silver Coins = 1 Gold Coin whenever conversion or change is made.

By default, its fast travel system uses 100 bronze to travel. Its a merchant caravan that can take you to caravan points on the map but only if you’ve visited them. You can also purchase items in Murun (its version of Sepermeru). Useful items too like armor pieces, and weapons of various types and tiers, as well as thralls and mounts. Not all items are available all the time as merchants rotate their stock periodically.

All of this works without any other mod installed. Also the prices vary based on server settings, so if the harvest rate is 2x then the prices will increase accordingly to keep the amount of effort the same.

I actually find it very well done and something that should be done to Exiled Lands and Siptah. So I urge everyone with the PC version to subscribe or download the mod, even those of you who are anti-mod. You don’t need any other mods installed, and you simply play on it like you do for Siptah by selecting it when your server starts or when you select which map you play in SP. It does NOT affect your previous saves at all.

I think that map would give many players insight into what a fully fleshed out currency system looks like in Conan Exiles.

We have Savage Wilds on our private server, it is a really good map, although it sometimes feels a bit empty in some places, but overall I really like this map :slight_smile:

The trading aspect in SW is loads better than Siptah & EL, but I have few concerns though…

Economy with ingame currency in a survival game like CE is great, but I sometimes doubt if it is a good idea that we can actually craft the currency ourselves from a mold.
Basically you can make trading too easy by just harvesting a lot of gold and craft your own gold coins.
I could totally see currency not being a physical thing in your inventory, but rather a value in your character, sort of like a stat :slight_smile:
I would have preferred a trading system based on looting chests, selling stuff to get coins needed for buying something you want, this would also make treasure hunting worth it in mid/late game

Also it would be great if traders didn’t have fixed prices, but kinda simulated a supply/demand, furthermore when buying/selling to traders, they shouldn’t have unlimited stock and cash… I know it could cause problems on servers with many players online, but sort of scale it to the amount of online players could perhaps work, maybe a daily change/update to traders - All in all, Savage Wilds is a great mod map that mostly has the best from EL & Siptah, and I can highly recommend it those who haven’t tried it :slight_smile:

I can see your point: in fact, in the Coin Mold description, it’s told that the one guy inventing it was prisoned.
BUT, I’m not against it: if you have gold/silver ingots you basically have valuable resources: converting them in money is only … natural.

IRL, nations print money based on their gold/silver resources.
Of course, this works as long as there are no Rocknoses in Animal Pens, as (like I already said) they break any in-game economy.

One thing that could be done is that, by molding coins, your purge meter fills (as you’re doing illegal stuff).

Also it would be great if traders didn’t have fixed prices, but kinda simulated a supply/demand, furthermore when buying/selling to traders, they shouldn’t have unlimited stock and cash…

Yes, yes, and yes !
Totally agree with you on this.

Would be cool to have roaming merchants with limited supply/demand and random prices. And I think it would not be that expensive for the Game as well. Only problem at this point would be to set possible spawn locations as there are areas of the map that are already claimed, and editing the map by adding this feature may be a problem if there isn’t a total reset on Servers.

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merchants are super useful
Feathers - Not many birds round sepmeru
Pelts (can turn into tar)
Spiced pork!!! this one is amazing means I can day one go north for star metal easy way to beat the cold.
Glass flasks- the best deal ever.

You can walk out of there with a bargain or a frown, its your choice.

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Yes but it kinda brings down the value when on maps like Siptah and Savage Wilds easily can harvest 2000 gold nuggets in a few minutes, this sort of makes it too easy to get a ton of coins very fast, goldvein rocknoses while being a passive gold mine, they are still pretty slow.
On Exile Lands map you only have 2 choices for gold besides the rocknoses, either you loot chests with gold or go to Vulcano and harvest obsidian and get the gold as a by product. :slight_smile:

I don’t think it is a good idea to sort of print your own money in any game with a high focus on trading, but the idea of some sort of penalty could maybe work, but again people will find ways to work around such since there’s no police that will keep hunting you until they get you convicted for the crime like in real life, besides the purge will likely bug out like it currently does most of the time :joy:

for merchants to be useful, they need to have a variety of things to sell, but also be able to buy stuff from you, and while the currency often is coins, it could however also be goods.
I would love if Funcom would expand on the entire trading system, but I think an untouchable currency will be needed simply because money lose its value once too many craft them in their own little bench from gold & silver nuggets/bars :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t be totally against removing the mold to craft said things, but I’d rather keep the mold and just reduce (a lot) the chance to gain said resources.

Also, having tons of coins is not that bad: in end-game you’re like a king of your little empire, therefore it’s ok if you’re rich. And having good ways to spend money (like buying Hardened Bricks) will help reducing the amount of coins stored.

Also … consider this.
You are a “king”, you have thralls … it’s “wrong” you go around with a pick to mine rocks for stone. You have thralls, THEY should do it.

Having tons of money to spend is not that bad in end-game. And also, player-wise economy would evolve according to the demand/offering. If players have tons of gold, then a legendary item (such as Sword of Crom) would be sold for HIGH prices (like 10k gold coins - for example).

Don’t know, I really like the idea of molding coins.

I am happy for you, that you feel the game is perfect and cannot be improved upon.

IDEA - Maybe the Bazaar could become part of the game where the merchants accept Crom coins to purchase the cosmetic items.

So far in the Exiled Lands/Siptah we don’t have a watch or compass but we do have a an online store :rofl:


Fun to see more players wanting useful merchants. I agree to the statement that this game has a lot of potential. Thus frustation about the merchants.

For me, as now the merchants are like a teaser. Love the idea but it is detached in a way from the rest of the game in my opinion. It is more of a ‘proof of concept’ or a place holder. I love how sorcery is implemented and would like to see trade also anchored to the world.

For example, why is there no merchant selling spectre coating in Mounds? Or why is there no merchant selling Khari steel in Sep?

A quick fix would to change what merchants are selling, or at least for some of them.
Change items or amount they are selling so it reflects on the recepies players are using. Also, I think every faction city should have a trade area. In sep all are friendly except from the thug area. The reverse is i pirate bay. All faction cities should have merchants. All factions should sell their speciality. Khaari steel, black silk, what ever they excel at. Something that gives the players a reason to travel to that city.

In long run on the other hand. Since Dune is on its way most likely you (Funcom) are looking into trade mechanics. And factions. Conan have factions and merchants…