We have Bronze Coins coming too..!?

Here I was just recently saying to another member who suggested Bronze weapons recently that it would be really cool if we had some Bronze or Copper coins too (something I had actually been hoping for for a while now actually). Now low and behold, I opened the admin panel on my ps4, and there staring right at me (along with a few other goodies I was unaware of) are Bronze coins!! Can anyone shed some light on these little beauties? Are they an upcoming addition, or an old feature which was removed previously? By golly I hope that its the prior, I am in favor of anything which gives some more layers and options to this games mercantile and trading system. And Im always happy to see new forms of treasure too! I love hoarding treasure and money! :money_mouth_face:


Upcoming and speculation only rn iirc

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Hey @TheLOLxd2 I am not entirely sure what you are trying to say here, there are some spelling and grammar errors here. Could you please clarify for me? I think you are saying that they are classed as a new jewellery piece and only for RP purposes. Is that right!? A little help…

This idea was actually going to form part of my new suggestions list, but it looks like Funcom anticipated this and beat me to the ideas table. :wink: I would love to see some more Merchants and potential uses for in game currency, including this as an additional denomination. Hypothetically speaking we could use the Bronze coins for the most bare basic, abundant and least valuable resources. For example, 10 stone or wood for X amount of Bronze coins. Yes I know that we could simply harvest these items more than easily enough. However, we can also collect feathers and make glass flasks easily enough. It is about bolstering the games trading system, and giving people more shopping options, and uses for money in game.

Funcom…if you are reading this, PLEASE make Bronze coins part of the games trading system somehow (anyhow you choose), and give defeated enemies and chests a chance to drop them as loot, just like gold and silver ones.

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Thankyou very much for the likes @sestus2009, @Born2bAlive and @Ranson. The in game trading system needs all the love and enhancement it can recieve.


I believe most of us share in your love of hoarding shiny things, and new shiny things are especially mystifying :moneybag:


I know what you mean. When I first happened upon them the excitment was paramount to discovering a diamond. Much like on Skyrim, I seem to be obsessed with coin and profiteering. And treasure in general. :crown:

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Fixed the post.

To clarify,

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So can you confirm if they were definately part of his RP additions, or are you not entirely sure at this point? (Im clutching at the straws of hope here)

I can’t say if everything they have added was purely for RP.

Forwarded to Rob and he says the Bronze Coins are. If you need to know it for any other items let me know.

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Nooooooo…!! I might turn this into a formal Suggestion in the near future. Thankyou for clearing that up for me.

I am curious if there is actually a full list of the items he added on the wiki, or anywhere else for that matter? Its no big deal if there isnt.

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In Stream he made it clear on a few of them a RP items, Ignas mention a few were RP items to like Gods Tokens with no use.

At anytime thou… they could give them a use. =D

I think some people are always just lurking admin panel, and tend to assume “new item” = has a use sometimes. =/
As a Hoarder… I’m like Ahhhhh!!! I need few more storage spots in my house for this stuff. XD

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They need only add NPC vendors, and that will be the rise of the copper coin from a roleplaying toy, to an engine of commerce, but then PvE being a mod of PvP, that will never happen.

Been playing Fallout 76 again lately, visiting player bases and their beautifully arranged vendors. It’s quite a cool experience.

Also been playing DayZ lately, hosting my own server, so effectively playing singleplayer, while waiting for SCUM to release female characters and Conan Exiles to add some fun game-play features that don’t involve star metal cosmetics.

ARK’s in a state of stasis at the moment, without any new expansions in sight. sigh First world problems.

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That is what I am now beginning to to hope, and make an impassionate plea for. I have desired to see Conan Exiles acquire some more Merchants and trading options for sometime now, not to mention some more treasures as loot, as opposed to resources and gear. Furthermore, if it is well balanced it will not eliminate the need for gathering.

This I do not understand. Can you elaborate a bit here Halcyon?

Funcom please make Bronze or Copper coins a new denomination of in game currency.

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Yeah I noticed the God insignias hey Sera, and immediately thought they were a placeable. :laughing: Actually it would have been neat if they were. And for the record and am now genuinely hoping that they will be given a use =D. Even beyond the obvious trading and benefits, they could also be used as ingredients for Placeables. Or placeables themselves. For example, for some reason I have always felt that Bronze statues have more character than steel or gold ones, weird I know, but I just do. Not only that, but Copper/Bronze pots, ornaments, trimmings you name it.

Whenever I see new items in the admin panel, although I like to look, I am usually hesitant to touch them. Mainly because I like earn things honestly through combat and exploration, but that is just me. And I really dont like to mess around with unfinished features. For example the Circlet, Anklet and Earing molds, which I am told are actually functional. But I havent been game to try them.

Ohh me too! If it is unique, valuable, or I dont have one yet I must collect and hoard it. I like to have at least a full stack of each item/resource too.

Well, PvE is a subset of PvP, otherwise the following features would have existed already:

PIN containers.
Alliance system & radius building rights.
Alliance buildings.
Player owned vendor NPC’s.

But such systems aren’t conducive to conflict, thus not worth implementing because CE is designed for griefing… ehr… I mean PvP.

Ill ‘hum’ and ‘err’ about the reasoning here. Ultimately it exists and is there to be enjoyed, that is all I need to know.

However this I will NOT buy into. Such features, could well be on the drawing board, but they are just too busy with other matters. Case in point; look at how many calls we’ve had for Armour Display Racks/Mannequins, and theyre still not here yet.

The point Im getting at here, which also overlaps with my argument for Bronze/Copper coins is this. Just because something is not conductive to PvP, it doesnt mean that it holds no value and is not a worthwhile feature, especially if its implementation is relatively simple. PvP only constitutes one third of the play modes. We still have two others, ie-PvE and Singleplayer, who would benefit from this and the immersion it would create. Dozens of us have been calling for a deeper and more immersive trading system, and this is one step in that direction. We already have Gold and Silver coin merchants, this is just a natural extension of that.

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I agree, theres a decent PVE and RP crowd. Even those who play mostly or only singleplayer who want stuff to.
Not everything has to have a PVP reason. XD

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Singleplayers and unofficial players already get to enjoy all we officials have always wanted.

I have yet to see any indication that they have ever implemented any exclusively PvE-centric interactive game mechanic feature that is not subset to PvP.

The other way holds true - they have implemented many exclusively PvP-centric interactive game mechanics that are mutually exclusive to PvE such as trebuchets, gas traps, explosive traps, explosive boulders.

Decorative static meshes aren’t interactive game mechanics.

It’d stand to reason that PvE aught to get their own mutually exclusive game mechanic too.
But i haven’t ever seen any indication of that across all of the online multiplayer survival games I have ever played, with the exception of ARK’s alliance system, hair growth, haircut system and skin system.

That is my point.

The next major rework CE will get is the Siege rework.