Suggestion: please consider adding Copper or Bronze

This suggestion has been put forth in the past, but as we are now entering the Age of War, and treasure is thematically such a large part of this age, I would like to politely request that we add Copper or Bronze into Conan Exiles. Take the image below for example.

For the sake of adding another layer of diversity to loot, it would be amazing if we could also posess Copper or Bronze coins, bars and dust. It would also be nice to use these to create some additional jewellery in game, such as circlets, bracelets, etc with our molds.

The coin pile we can add to our treasure already depicts Copper/Bronze coins being a part of them (see below), so I genuinely feel that if we are going to be able to display something, we should be able to actually collect and posess it.

(Credit to @arthurh3535 for this image). With the story of the Age of War so deeply interwoven with treasure, it feels like a good move to add some additional types and tiers of loot, and not be restricted to the same gold and silver resources.

Thus I would humbly request that we add Copper or Bronze resources to Conan Exiles.


Bronze Coins already exist in the game, they just aren’t implemented.

Would be a simple matter to add them to some loot pools.


Aye, they were just one of several roleplay items that Joel(?) added to the game one afternoon which he knocked up in some 15 mins (impressive work!). Some other ones include the volcanic plant, coloured gems, insigina of [insert gods name], and obsidian shard. The bronze coins in question are currently only accessible via the Admin Panel. In addition to this, there is no bronze bars, dust or ore stones, they cannot be ground down and currently only stack to 100.

I agree and hope that they do consider doing so. But I would also hope for bars and dust so that additional items such as jewellery may be crafted using it.


Adding copper ore is an interesting idea.
Personally, this one is in favour, but it would be some of an undertaking.
As for Bronze bars and what we make of them, would there be separate Bronze and Copper bars?
Copper for making coins and jewelry, Bronze for equipment and placeables?
If the copper and bronze will be distinct, what recipe for making the Bronze from Copper? Add ichor or resin perhaps?

As for possible uses… Several pieces of gear that currently use iron very much look like they are made of bronze?
Would you want a tier of gear between stone/bone and iron that would be Bronze? Perhaps similar stats but lower durability? Durability being an issue with more bite in the upcoming age.

Wider speculation aside, this one entirely is in favour of copper coins at least for treasure diversity.


It would be good if the bronze coins were recognized by the loot piles but I wouldn’t want a way for people to to grind them. I use them as they where intended to be used. Making them grindable would kind of screw over what I’m doing with them.

The suggestion was primarily generated with treasure in mind, as if we are going to have an age so treasure centric, it would be nice to see some new additions, and not just the same old gold & silver coins and gold & silver bars we have all been either hoarding or ignoring for the past 5 years. For this reason I honestly do not mind if it is copper, bronze or for that matter both. Lore wise Conan has been described as spending copper coins at taverns, so maybe copper, but either is fine.

Depends on what you are denoting by equipment LostBrythunian. If you refer to weapons and/or armor, it is not really plausible. Permit me to explain. Bronze is physically weaker than iron and steel, hence why the bronze age was succeeded by the iron age. Moreover, in the game itself, we progress to iron so rapidly, it would probably not be worth our time, just look at Dafari weapons.

I genuinely do no mind either way here LostBrythunian. :slightly_smiling_face: It would also depend, hypothetically speaking if the proposed resource were given nodes, or simply dropped as loot. Maybe even by Stygian invaders as a temporary loot lile the Obulus.

Whenever this is brought up members (not referring to yourself here @LostBrythunian) have a propensity to overthink this idea. All I am asking for is Copper Coins, and Copper bars for the sake of treasure diversity, much like you said. Anything else beyond that I do not mind one way or the other.

Do the loot piles reconize gold and silver coins @Anglinex? Genuine question, because I am a console player I have not had an opportunity to interact with them on the testlive. If so then absolutely, please YES!

Only if you make the concious decision to place them in the grinder. :wink: But with that said it honestly would not much bother me if they were grindable or not.

The distinction is not so simple. While “copper” coins have existed for thousands of years, they were rarely (if ever) pure copper. Pre-modern copper coins were probably most often alloys of copper and silver, but some were in fact copper and tin - AKA bronze.

Please do not get bogged down in semantics or real life comparisons. This is a video game based in a fantasy setting (i.e.-Hyboria) in which fictional metals plummet to Earth in meteors and are left behind by ‘elder races’ in their Vaults. Parallels surrounding purity levels of real life copper, or for that matter gold and silver, are not of paramount importance here.

That’s my point. It doesn’t matter if Conan used “copper” coins, because “copper” coins were sometimes bronze.

I do not care if the proposed addition is copper, bronze or both. At this point you are going off on your own tangent again and veering the thread towards derailment. You have not even contributed a position on the suggestion, just several tangents and an ambiguity fallacy. If coin composition and compound percentages is another matter you would like to discuss, go elsewhere and start your own thread please. Otherwise, please remain on topic. I will begin to both ignore and flag your posts if necessary.

This one chronically overthinks and is never offended for being called out on it. Likewise this one means no offense in their over thinking.

Incoming text wall related to a lecture this one gave last year, specifically related to the Eastern Mediterranean Bronze Age Collapse. Feel free to ignore it.

~record scratch noise~
Edit: This one just caught up to your request to keep on task, this one has removed the bulk of the post.
At great personal discomfort.
But we are friends. :slight_smile:

But that’s immaterial to the game and just having Copper Coins and Bars is a grand idea.

Edit: yes, the recipes for different treasure piles have different mixes, either all gold coins, all silver coins, or a mix of gold and silver coins.

What about electrum coins? Allegedly the first coins minted were made of electrum.

Ancient obolus might be electrum, although the color is weird for electrum. I guess it could be tarnished with age and conditions.

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Electrum only really tarnishes in the presence of sulfur. At which point the silver parts blacken.

Or dark sorcery, which is more likely in the current case.

As ancient Acheronian coins, they have value only to specific people.

The treasure hoards we are making are to attract ~spoiler redacted ~
And it seems they only care about Gold, Silver, (common currency) and some objects of art.
As copper is frequently noted as common currency in the Hyborian Age, it would be a good addition.

The Obols are more of a collectors item, good on the antique roadshow, less so for mega Mart.

I kinda wish they had bronze earlier on in the game’s design more as a material step between stone and iron. But yeah - copper, bronze, brass (or even orichalcum!) would all be great additions to further expand the treasure category.

I’m not sure. I was preoccupied with the statues and things you have to carry around.

I’m just saying for RP purposes it’s good to have a currency that can’t be farmed. There is a reason every government ever to have a centralized currency has controlled the amount. Inflation is a civilization killer.

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