Jewels & Gemstones

As I stated before in previous threads, I love wealth in games. I love building it, displaying it and should the game allow, I love trading in it. We have Gold, Silver and Pearls, but if you ask me we can never have enough in-game wealth. And as with other games such as Skyrim and The Witcher 3, no matter how much I accumulate it is just never enough, and I just can never seem to stop collecting it!

Forum brothers and sisters I have a simple idea which I would like to put before you all. I would like to request that we add a handful of Jewels and Gemstones in Conan Exiles, which can be collected as loot. Here are a few examples:



I would love to be able to collect some Jewels and precious Gemstones to add to my Vault filled with treasure. I dont even particularly care how we obtain them or which ones they are. Even if they are only dropped by some the most powerful Bosses in game, and if their drop rate is incredibly low. I would really like to see some Jewels and Gemstones added to the game.

Does anyone else agree? I welcome anyone and everyones feedback on this suggestion.


Aye, that we do. I love them and have collected one of each. Although I am still waitng on an Essence of the Serpent Ring. :laughing: We also have shredded roast, cooked human flesh, grilled steak and roasted haunch even though they are all meat. We also have 12+ varieties of swords, not all of which are useful. Besides we need those to craft the Keystone. My point is


After all, can a man ever really have too much treasure…?? :wink: My good fellow I would argue…no.


You know I actually had to look up what a Ferenghi is, as Im not toooo familiar with Star Trek. As soon as the images came up I immediately thought “ahh that guy who is always trying to cook up a scheme and profit from it!” Then I just sat back in my chair and started chuckling to myself. Even in Skyrim once I had amassed more money than I could ever possibly spend, and more flawless gems and rings and necklaces than I would ever need, I couldnt help but keep going. So I would probably go as far as to say that he has been on the loose for a while now. :laughing:

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I agree. My castle needs overflowing gem crusted treasure rooms.

And some gems with new beards on them plz!

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I like this idea, but one thing that would even be cooler is if they add special gems that belong to the Conan lore. Now they already have a lot special Conan related treasures included in the game, but if this were to be upgraded I think the short stories and comic books could provide a lot more unique gems, treasures and trinkets to collect that belong to the Conan universe.
Conan is obviously no stranger to regular gems and gold, how many people has he robbed, tombs has he looted, things stolen lol? All those gems would be cool, but I read one comic where Conan has a mission, he needs to retrieve a type of red cone shaped stone, very rare and hard to get but once used, in the story, it gives vitality. The woman sending Conan to get these stones has been using them for centuries to stay alive…so…use it once to revive a dead thrall maybe? :smiley:

I totally support your idea, and maybe we could use some of those stones to add variety to the set of clothes we got in the Derketo dlc. Those small bracelets and earrings are hard to see. If you could add cool rubies and emeralds to them while crafting them and see them sparkle on your character or thralls, that would be great.


A fellow afficionado. Couldnt agree more. You know Eutus, I would love to be able to have some ‘Wealth Placeables/Props’, so that I can construct something similar to the Deathbrand Treasure room in Skyrim, or the treasure room in The Mummy or the Hobbit. Some examples


I would love it if we had say, some (placeables) piles of gold coins and jewels, and treasure chests. Example



That would be pretty cool. I didnt really know of any myself aside from the Eye of the Serpent in the Conan the Barbarian movie. We could hypothetically speaking, have some of the more distinguished ones as unique rewards from certain Bosses. I would be putting them straight in my Vault!

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Oh hey, that third picture is from Dragon’s Crown :slight_smile:

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All about it my friend! I was thinking about the season 3 dlc pass last night and as far as culture packs go I wasnt having any super big brain blasts. A Nubia/Darfari pack with placable masks and intricate grass and wood carvings would be killer, but outside of that I keep thinking about the arena and tavern dlc. You wanna talk roleplaying themed dlcs a treasure room/hoard one, i think, would be just the answer for it. It could even be a dlc like Riddle of Steel was. Just placeables, im confidant in the CE art team I just cant think of a good parallel to the stable peices so Id give it a pass. Heck id take quite a few more stuff dlcs like that. Gimme one for treasure, one for torture stuff (racks, guillotines (dont care about engineering history buffs), crosses, iron maidens), one for building libraries, and one for Kull the conqueror!! But that might be getting off topic!

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I would love a torture theme too.

So if they did make like a treasure theme with buildings though, imagine what you might need to build them…tons of gold and silver bars? XD


Now you make me want to build (and fill!) one of these:


I also support @Croms_Faithful’s original post. All sorts of shiny riches were what often motivated Conan to go adventuring, so gemstones and other valuables would fit perfectly in the setting. And as my main character is a Zamorian thief, the same motivator would work for her, too.

Of course, Conan was remarkably effective at wasting or losing the fortunes he looted on his various adventures. (He seemed equally adept at misplacing the pretty girls he found on his way from one treasure to the next.) So maybe we need more opportunities to get rid of our hard-earned valuables in the game, too. Boozing and wenching in Sepermeru seems to be Conan’s way, so why couldn’t we join him in carousing?


Haha yeah it always makes me laugh that Conan comes across huge heaps of riches that most men will never see, yet he starts the next adventure only a few coins richer than a bum. XD
His philosophy is often illustrated both in the Howard stories and as a fixed character in the comics though; battle, copious wines, rich meats and pretty girls. I love, I slay, I am content, and such. Live for the moment, often seems to be his motto.
Still, in the stories where he is king or commander or something important, he has to have, or learn, some kind of political know-how and an economic sense? Long term stuff?

But of course nobody wants to read about Conan pushing pencils and anyway I highly doubt the Hyborian age works like ours. XD

They could, as @Croms_Faithful said, make some of the valuables difficult to obtain.


Agreed. We currently have ‘hay’ floor pieces and hay stacks with the Riders of Hyboria DLC. Surely it couldnt be that hard to create some gold coin floor pieces, or a gold coin stack, treasure chest and gold idols placeables.

Yes exactly what you have said here drachenfeles! I am now beginning to suspect that my call for Gemstones and Jewels may be part of a larger desire for more treasure and treasure themes.

Thanks for the support Kapoteeni. I have often thought the same thing myself. So much of Conan lore us based around pursuing riches. And while we can accumulate wealth, like most other open world games, we just dont have many options to flaunt it. Thats not to say that Conan Exiles is bad or lacking by any means. However it would be a nice touch.

I literally laughed out loud in agreement when I read this. Of course you are right on both counts. Conan really needs a financial planner, but watching Conan painstakingly managing his financial affairs just doesnt make for an amusing tale. :joy:

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Hey, if we take a look at the very first short story introducing Conan to the readers, Phoenix on the Sword, he’s depicted as a king who complains about all those kingly duties involving paperwork, listening to whiny politicians and all sorts of macro level management that doesn’t involve swords.

Conan isn’t stupid by any means - in fact, most stories depict him as an outright brilliant man - but he’s very impulsive and passion-driven. Live for the moment, as @Alhambra said. He had dreamed of becoming a king, but his dreams never told him what it was like to actually be a king.

But we’re an altogether different matter. I would totally love to play a Conan Exiles Economic Simulator… but I suspect that’s not the direction Funcom is likely to take the game. So I’d be content with filling my vaults with chests full of gold and jewels looted from ancient catacombs, rich merchant caravans and wealthy trading ships.


Conan is indeed far from stupid. He’s often depicted as running almost purely on instinct, you know because he’s not civilized. Like that one Howard story about Bêlit where he just kills the judge in the beginning lol. So…I guess that is another example of how he deals with such matters XD
It is the same in the comics, he is also shown to be wise and, as mentioned, brilliant. I mean, Conan can read and write, which is something most common men in Hyborian kingdoms never learn. :confused:

I’m also totally off topic but I came back here to maybe throw an idea about jewels and gems. If anybody is currently reading/watching anything Conan related, it might be cool to note any unique treasures/jewels/jems that we come across in stories, comics and anything else. Then come back in this thread and post the details on any Conan related loot? I will attempt this anyway. (unless the op is against it) I can’t work for another month so now is a good time as any to go through my Conan comics. Or…my guess is there probably is already a Conan wiki that covers all this.


Kapoteeni…if someone were to approach me and ask if there was one thing I could choose to have added to this (after a handful of additional Crom features) I would straight up say ‘a fully functional in-gsme trading system like Skyrim’. I soo love in trading, bartering and accumulating in-game wealth in open world games. While there is an extremely slim chance that such a thing will arrive with the mysterious settlement system, the odds arent good. It would just be a lot of work to implement such a thing.

I also thought to myself (drawing on Skyrim once again) it would be nice if we could were able to either craft or loot Rings, Necklaces and Crowns (circlets) too. Perhaps even a few gold/silver placeables, such as a candlestick, chalice, decanter, platter, idol, etc. A treasure room in my fortress would be delightful.

While no means a stupid man by any means Conan was also by no means brilliant either. Kull was far more of a thinker than Conan was. That being said, Conan was a very intelligent man, though in the stories of his youth a bit naive, with an incredible knack for language and adaptability. Most people (of the Hyborian world) assumed he was stupid because he was a “barbarian” but usually he proved them quite wrong, or just split their skull. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think the same rings true for the Cimmerians as a whole. Often percieved as dense savages, they are surprisingly clever and resourceful.

In the Savage Sword of Conan comics, once Conan goes back to Cimmeria, and is unwelcome, his visit is cut short. In another issue he meets another Cimmerian named Grin, and both men hate each other, and they do have a history. But well that is more a personal thing between them rather than his whole clan/people disliking him, and that does not match the Howard stories word for word, of course.

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