Constant Disconnects

Why has there been no patches to fix the constant disconnects. If a large purge comes or a raid happens between 2 larger clans it turns into nothing but instant disconnects and eventually the server crashes. Please fix the game. This is the worst it has ever been.


Purges definitely shut down the the game.

Every server I have ever played on in the past 3 years always has a lot of players complaining about the disconnects, I even randomly get them for no reason. I dont understand why they shove in game purchases and events down our throats and take away cosmetics that people enjoy such as the religious temple lights…but they cant fix this issue, or any of the others such as chests not opening even if you get a key or chests disappearing when you approach. Right now I am specifically talking about the demon spider queen boss where the legendary chest vanishes as you approach and the small chest next to it has NEVER worked in the 3 years I have played. And the crocodile boss that is across the river from it in the small pool whos chest just never seems to open for the past year. Even with the extra revenue they now have from in game purchases and subscriptions they are doing nothing to actually improve the game, and with taking out enjoyable cosmetics like the lights from altars…they are actually making it worse. I find this sad because the game could be one of the best that I have ever played. But to have so much time wasted over all these bugs simply because they REFUSE to do anything about it is about as big of an F YOU as they could possibly give to their customers/fan base.

To my knowledge, this doesn’t happen to servers NOT running 6+ year old databases.

To reliably test this in a test environment would take one of the databases from the problematic servers, and forcing those players to play on a test client, and play in a way the devs want them to in order to find a potential (not guaranteed) fix.

Its not as simple as taking a copy. They need those existing players to play their characters, cannot spoof their credentials (the ability to do so would be a heavy violation of privacy and security).

It needs to be a copy of the game that is easily modifiable and updatable (so likely only Steam and MAYBE EGS users), which means it can not be the live copy, nor the testlive copy. But kind of an enforced Open Beta. This is easily doable.

Would likely need to for privacy reasons, keep continuity in check. Meaning the server will have to come offline and be online only in the Open Beta client. Then when the test is complete, it goes back to live and people go back to playing as normal, but everything during the test stays.

So… which server wants to volunteer? Here’s what’s needed before you say “I’ll do it…”:

100% participation on said server. If someone opts out, then they won’t get to play for the duration of the test (decay will still be on and all consequences thereof… needed for testing purposes).

Give up your ability to play how you want and by the way the devs need you to for the duration.

Need to play regularly at certain intervals, as a stress test is likely going to be needed.

Needs to be a current live server with an older database that actually experiences these problems on the regular. It cannot be simulated.

So before you go on yammering about how you’re willing to do this. Go on your server and ask around if they are willing to play tester for a week or two, or longer. Or lose their junk to decay. If the answer is no. Then well I’m sure those wanting to fix the issue are grateful for your interest.

Sorry to say, but this is a fantasy. The only way to fix it without said draconian measures and involvement from the playerbase is for them to make edits in the dark with each patch cycle and hope something sticks.

Cause I can tell you right now that when they run the game in testing, the crashes and disconnects do not happen. Even if they use a copy of an existing database. Simply because the conditions of a live server can’t be emulated.

Personally what I think they should do, is another server merge or even just wipe. Keep just a few servers open (at least one per game mode and region, one or two more for regions with higher population). And make them all on the Testlive branch. With a nice little message that thanks you for volunteering to test Conan Exiles right above the server rules.

Conditions of a live server can be emulated fairly closely, especially if you use the exact same server hardware as listed, along with the same OS, and put a heavy pop load on it that fluctuates throughout the day.

The premise of this only happening on old servers is false. This is happening on fresh new servers. Age, database-size, and build-up don’t seem to be primary factors in the case of purge disconnects. I’m currently doing extensive testing with my Tales of Lament server series, and I haven’t reached a final conclusion. But I suspect it is an issue with the purge table.

My heavily modded, multi-year-old server “Tales of Lament - The Exiled Lands” doesn’t seem to be suffering from this problem at all (but the brand new Tales of Lament - Vanilla Purist Edition, which is mod free, is). In addition to EEWA, the modded server also uses mods such as “purge spawns fixed” and “any purge anywhere.” So far I have triggered fifteen purges on it, and no one disconnects. On the vanilla server, it’s around 90% disconnects during any purge.

I believe someone has mentioned that they have a fix for this that they are planning to release as a mod. That doesn’t really help public official servers, but hopefully it might inspire someone to fix it.

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