"Connection lost" continues to be a significant issue

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: 6157
Mods: None

Bug Description:

Since bug reports for separate issues have been conflated and closed I am reposting this. Prior to, and continuing after the authentication fiasco of February 24-26, many players have been encountering frequent disconnects while playing the game. You get abruptly dropped from the game world, the game is still running and says “Lost connection with the server”. This has been an intermittent and infrequent problem for years. It went up significantly since the most recent patch and hotfix.

Bug Reproduction:

Play the game, randomly get kicked. While it can happen at any time it does seem more frequent when facing bosses. Following hours of steady play I got dropped 4 times while fighting Red Mother, after that I played steadily (and have been avoiding Red Mother ever since).


Still happening :frowning:

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Hi @arktara

Are you able to connect to the server now?

Also can you let us know if you are experiencing this issue on any other server?

This is not about connecting, this is about getting kicked while playing. I only play on 6157 and the issue affects me and other players regularly. Numerous players have filed bugs about this issue, but they were mistakenly confused with authentication issues and closed.


I got disconnected today, when i got back in I was on the beach, Tried to retrieve my body and nothing, no event showed up till much later saying my body had decayed,wtf, not happy at all.

I got dropped several times yesterday. This went from being an extremely rare occurrence to a multiple times a day occurrence with the latest patch+hotfix.


Hi Dana, this is happening on all servers on all platforms. I’ve made several posts about it and tagged community each time, no one has responded yet.

It is a major issue and seems to be happening to every single person I’ve talked with. It is most common when you are fighting a boss or intense combat. This error can literally happen 15-20 times in an hour, it really just depends what kind of combat you are doing. It makes purges nearly impossible, and makes farming XP for thralls incredibly difficult!

Again, we have no issues connecting, I’m sure the other posters are like me, we can log back in immediately after “Lost Connection”, it’s just this keeps on happening over and over and over again :frowning:


I can be in game for hours on end decorating or doing minor things, but the moment I go out for a fight, especially with Rotbranch, boom “Lost Connection”

I have had this issue. and for me, I found a temporary fix. Log out of the steam chat. It is conflicting with the game servers. Not sure how to turn it off anymore permanently. Each time you load steam you have to go to steam chat and disconnect it. Not be invisable.
I hope it helps and I would love to see a better solution.

Replicate issue: Load steam log into Conan Exiles, get Failed to Connect notice. Close game disconnect Steam chat log into conan it works fine.

This bug, and the fact it is often triggered under harrowing circumstances, is especially frustrating in combination with some generally poor design decisions:

  • when you leave the game your followers stop following you (why can’t they auto-resume following when you log back in?)
  • when you leave the game you lose your buffs (why??)
  • the well-trained perk grants a health bonus, but not the health - it should heal for the amount of health that is added

Glad this seems to work for you, but I am never logged in to chat and still get regularly disconnected.


I’ve also, maybe, seen this a couple of times on the last few days. I’m not entirely sure what’s causing it as the server logs don’t say acting particularly obvious.

Me and my clan mate are getting this “Lost connection to server” error too… 5 times tonight in just 3 hours playtime… really annoying

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DCs happen to me daily, as well as my servers going down for hours on end.

Please get better servers!

I have to confirm. The logs say that this internet loss connection error is bound to the steam chat.
I found this - this it what you mean?
How To Disable Steam's Friends & Chat Auto Login - YouTube Tanks for this hint - I will try a workaround.

Friend and I are getting “Unable to login, please restart or try again later. Continuing in Offline Mode in which only Single-player mode is available.” and “Online Play Restricted” trying to log in. Private server, modded, no Battleeye

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While I appreciate other people are getting issues, the OP is speaking of a specific issue that is plaguing players on all consoles, not just PC.

As that user mentioned, it generally happens in harrowing situations and has absolutely nothing to do with Steam, as this issue is on XBOX and PS as well and happens under the same circumstances.

There is something going on here that is separate from “Unable to Login” and all these other issues.


From my experience this definitely seems to happen in areas of the map where there may be a bunch of builds. For example, I did my normal route killing Wight’s around the Mounds of the Dead last night and got “Lost Connection” 5 times during those encounters. The Mounds is heavily built up on my server and this may have to do with it, but I’m really unsure. I have friends on the server who don’t experience this in less built up areas, but consistently experience it during intense fights in the Mounds as well, especially Rotbranch!

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  • LOST CONNECTION * is still an issue on Official Server #1042 PvE (c). I went into Xalthar’s Refuge in J7 in the Exiles Map and was booted twice in very quick succession. Now, what I have noticed is that the Lost Connection errors only seem to happen when I’m fighting npcs AND in a very built up area (the area around Xalthar’s Refuge on #1042 has a MASSIVE base around it), so maybe for whatever reason, the server struggles with allocating enough resources…? It maybe worth looking into that as a reason why I, and many others, keep getting the Lost Connection occurance.
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