FIX Official Servers

Before one says it, YES, I’ve already notified the problem to the support (tons of times now) and the answer was (as always) “thank you, we’ll check the problem” … and honestly, I’m starting to doubt they did.

So now I’m writing here again, and hope the mod who reads this, other than saying to me that I should talk with the support, will say to the devs HIM/HERSELF that there is a damn problem that MUST be solved before anything else.

Official Servers are U-N-P-L-A-Y-A-B-L-E !

You try to connect, 9 times out of 10 you get Connection Lost problem.
Then you connect, move 2 steps … guess what ? CONNECTION LOST !

Then, after 20 f*ckin times you manage to connect seriously and play. You attack some NPC camp, loot some stuff and, after 10 minutes you know what happens ?


I don’t know what the problem is, or what’s wrong with the servers, but Age of War is going to be biggest fail ever if no one would be able to play it.

So, for the last time, take some time to seriously check Official Servers and FIX THEM.


I believe they stated that the Age of War will have a fix for connection issues.

It is true, I been seeing and hearing about connection issues the past month so definitely an issue.

Although, I have not have or heard issues being that bad on my servers. 9 times is a lot. So far, personally, only had 1 disconnection maybe a day tops. Official or not. Granted, I am only on for a few hours tops.

Hopefully with the patch in a few weeks from now will resolve that issue completely. I hope it does for you.

Not saying you aren’t having issues but you might aught to check things on your end.

On PC, on the public PVE server for about 6 hours pretty well contiguous. 2 game bug disconnects. The error message seems pretty specific to this bug. So quite playable for me, same game, same servers.

I have one on going issue loading and that is getting stuck in the load screen connecting to the server. After I click “cancel” a few times it loads the server.

I’ve had the disconnect bug hit me on the beta servers so…

Note that the console players are the ones have the seriously bad disconnect issues that I read about.

Just happened again right now.
I managed to play for 1 hour and now I got disconnected. Tried to reconnect and now the PING on all official servers is 250+ (on private is 40-50)

Not that I have trouble with internet and my connection is good.
So, NO … I strongly believe the problem is not on my end.

I’ve never seen an official server with a ping that high that didn’t have well over 20 people on. But that is s server issue not a game issue. And there are any number of things between you and the server that can lag your signal.

What gets me is the number of people that say game connection issues are the game fault, their wifi is fine.
WiFi is quite possibly the worst way to connect to a game.

I say my wi-fi is fine cause i play tons of online games, watch tons of series on netflix and stuff, and this game is the only thing that gives me problems. Everything else works damn fine.

Yaaaa, riiiiight. I’m out.

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Hem, seriously ? i experience for months now random connection lost while playing, that can happens very often daily, and not linked to golem bug, all players that i know (over 100) are experiencing the same problem, pc steam pvp server. its why there is tons of reports about it because it happens to a vast majority of players on all platforms. and you want to laugh ? when wi-fi connection used it happens to me less than when i use the network cable in direct plug with box, but problem is my ping is worst.

and yup i confirm it’s still happens on AOW testlive, very rare, only happened me one time for moment so they apparently did something that make it better for this point.


They should consider increasing the resources for the official servers, they say that officials is to showcase the game, well people could getting an bad first impression of the game because the low quality of those servers. Actually they run smooth only with 14 players. under 20 runs ok, above it, the lag starts, over 30 players, ping rises to 300 at minimum with spikes from 600 to 1020 ocasionally, and the server fps satnd still from 4-14, under 10 server fps the mobs and thralls freezes. When i started to play since jan 2021 the player count on the server pve-c for LATAM was not high from 20 players, now it reachs 40 easyly. I think that if i stared to play nowadays it would be hard to stay because the laggish servers.

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Its not just official server. I noticed that my private server has a higher ping since last week and so does some of the other g-portal servers too I occassionally play on.

Think about what you just said there.

I read the forum I see all the posts, most from console players.
Once again, if it was a game issue we would all be having the same issue. So it’s how the game runs on some peoples rigs, which makes it hard to fix. You can’t fix a problem you don’t know what is causing.

You should probably read better.
Especially considering that most of said topics get answered with “hey, don’t post this on forum, tell the support instead”.

Most people who experienced this problem told the support directly, or didn’t even bother to report, knowing/hoping someone else would.

It is not OUR problem.
Not mine, for sure, considering I have CE installed on SSD of a 2000$ gaming PC bought in december last year. And it’s not a CONNECTION problem as I play game WAY HEAVIER than this and they’re fine.

And if the problem is on my side, then the situation is FAR WORSE than what I was thinking, since it means that CE requirements and getting higher and higher, and that means no one would be able to play sooner of later.

well i dont’ see what i have to think, i just know that i have the problem in both case, but that wi fi it happens less, which is for me not understable as my wifi connection is really bad. and i also know that in using same pc and connection i had not this problem before that appeared with an update of sorcey.

but what I think is if funcom does a patch note fo aow saying they did something to connection issues is that this problem have been reported and acknowledge long ago, now that it can hard to handle and fix, i can undestand…

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Really :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The reason most people come to a game forum is to complain. So it is going to seem like an issue is worse then it is. People are not going to come to a forum to say they don’t have an issue.

I’ve never said there wasn’t an issue. I said I’m not having it enough to be an issue for me.
That means the issue is how the game runs on others PC and consoles. It could be how they connect. Hell it could be as specific as a series of router.

And complaining in the forum is not going to solve the issue, it may make you feel better; it does me, but that isn’t a solution. The bug will be fixed when funcom can gather enough detailed bug reports from enough people to track down a cause.

Sort of like if I’m disconnected the entire town is because I’m one of the first ones on the line :grin:
Cable is the only option around here, be caaaause W ifi is owwoooo rhtless. Why I have such a bad opinion of it. Half the time I can’t get WiFi on my phone to listen to music while mowing.

It is not related, for God’s sake !

It’s not a problem for me, so it must be others PC that sucks is the most stupid thing I ever read (and I mean no offense).

It may depend on the server you’re playing on, it’s population, it’s buildings, it’s state in general (as the hardware may be compromised).

Jeez … every time I come on this damn forum the first thing is to convince people that there is an issue, like they were experts and able to evaluate it !

Every time I f*ckin try to play this damn game I lose 30 minutes only to connect. And I play on a 2000$ PC with EXCELLENT connection.


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i know a picture of three monkeys;

one is hidding his eyes to see nothing, other is covering his ears to hear nothing, other cover his mouth to say nothing.

so let’s say its a question of philosophy, but personnality i think it’s in talking about problem and saying things that we can try to make things improve :slight_smile: because the goal is simply this.

What region you from and what server region you playing on?

Italy, Server PVE (EU) #1052

Are all EU servers that you look at have 250+ping?

Good, because that isn’t what I typed.

Quite true.

Which actually proves my point. My Rig isn’t sticks and stones, but it is just steel. 4 year old i7, gtx1060, HDD; SDD bit the dust quite a while ago, 32gig ram. Landline.

I have never once said there wasn’t an issue. I have more then once agreed there is one. Me saying I’m not having the issue isn’t the same as me saying you’re not having the issue.
I keep pointing out you all need to find out what you have in common, because I don’t share it with you. Once funcom finds out what that commonality is through properly filed detailed bug reports they will fix it.

Man deescalate, I mean turn it back down a couple notches.