Combat is the Cause of Connection Issues

I’ve recently reinstalled the game to try out the new content, but sadly I noticed that most big fights will cause the game to disconnect making the game unplayable for people who like getting into fights.
I play on XB1 so it’s likely nothing to do with graphics settings unless the devs added a script or something to combat in the newest update, and game works perfect if I play passively for as long as I want.
The problem always, ALWAYS occurs when NPCs are fighting nearby especially in groups of 4/5 plus.
If any devs read this please focus your attention on the combat because I promise you that is the issue everybody is having whether they know it or not - for instance in one scenario I got a DC which I assumed was random but after logging back in I checked around and noticed my thrall had died among about 11 enemies, and whenever I am in combat with several enemies at once the game is 90% likely to crash.
Maybe check out the spawn count too because I have seen a single Croc multiply into 4 on spawn so maybe the game cannot handle that much at one time.
That’s my 2 cents, I’d appreciate an acknowledgement because I’m not picking this game up again until I know the problem will be looked into.

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Welcome to the forum. The disconnection issues have a joker face. Me for example i disconnect almost every time outside scittering cavern on 3011. Then on 3023 no matter how over builded this server was i had zero lags and disconnections no matter if i played the whole map.
The first complains for disconnections was about world bosses fights, however i never endured the same.
Nobody says lies, everyone reports his-her observations, whats crazy is that we do not suffer disconnections for the same reasons so it’s difficult for devs to locate this issue :confused:.
I hope they 'll locate it and fix it, welcome to the forum exile and thank you for reporting your experience :+1:t6:


Its already been acknowledged and fixed, the fix will come in the next update:


Thank you Dennis and team, looking forward for the patch!

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Most of my connection lost problems appear to be during login to the server and loading in general.
It happens about 3-4 times before I manage to enter the server, then it happens randomly from time to time.


Yup - sand reapers are the worst for this. Any time I get more than one in combat, as soon as they spit I get kicked. I am running a series x with 1000/1000 ethernet internet. It’s the friggin game. I can reliably duplicate this bug. It has cost me my server pop on 2 servers that I run.


Happy Cake Day.

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thank you!

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