Game keeps disconnecting for me and many others. (and it's not only PC)

Ever since Chapter 3 came out, game has been crashing during fights for a LOOOOOOT of people, But it’s not 100% guaranteed, It happens, or it doesn’t.
Last night I was killing the red mother, I killed her just fine, about 20 minutes later I tried again and game dropped me.
A week ago, I was killing the Demon Spider and game disconnected me mid-fight, Thrall managed to survive, we killed her, then two smol spiders made the game disconnect. I went back and killed them, walked to the bridge and some dog attacked me, game disconnected again.
I have a base close to the Leyshrine of Birdmen, I have gotten disconnected there MANY times while fighting. I have also gotten disconnected when the Maelstrom pops monsters, always when I fight them. Also when an elephant attacks the campsite of the sorcerer murderer guys.
Oh oh! I also get disconnected during Purges… Talking about purges, I should be getting mine today… heh… I am not hopeful for the future of my base and my thralls.

PS: This happens on all official servers, I’ve tried in about 5 servers and they all disconnect me, and there are some yt videos showing the thing happening.


45 days this has been an issue and they have not responded to any Forum post. I expect this to keep going until June. I frequent 3 Official servers and in every one when in battle with a thrall or not I get DC’d over and over. If a thrall is present when fighting they keep fighting while I’m disconnected, and if they are still fighting when trying to log in, instant disconnect.

I have had the same issues as you but I think I might be close to solving it after many tests but then again it’s hard to say.

I am not finished with my tests but if you could try the following game settings to see if it temporarily solves the problem until a patch comes out as I believe there is something wrong and I myself am trying to find the cause it’s not easy.

Try change the following settings to see if it fixes the issue.

Change Window Mode to “Fullscreen” As I have not tested yet on other settings except Full screen.

Set the resolution to 1920 x 1080.

Motion Blur I left off.

Volumetric Fog “On”.

VSync “ON” // This is on in my tests so I would try having it on at first.

Any Fov that suits you.

Try Max Fps Uncapped at first.

Here is the one I think is causing problems set your Foilage to Medium.
However turning all the quality settings to Medium should be even better I found.

If the above settings stop you from getting those disconnects let me know.

But to be safe make sure Vsync again is on and Uncapped fps with all the quality settings to Medium, you can change it later if the above works to see if the problems come back.

Screenshot of settings that might be a remedy.

P.S. if it solved it or made it better but it could be a server related issue I really don’t know.

Heh. I just tried, but it didn’t help, sadly. I dc’d in the exiled lands when I went into a spider cave.

Next thing I wonder is if it’s only happening on GPORTAL hosted servers?

Or is it only happening on servers with Battleeye enabled ?

same issue disconnected 5-6 times in a row

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