Frequent drops during fighting

I have heard others are having this issue, but just about every time I get in combat, I crash to desktop. Happens on Siptah and Exiles. Now, it has been happening randomly for months, but recently its significantly worse, infact every time. I have built a new PC since, so two different PC’s and two different servers and mods having the same issue. I know several others who are having the issue as well, and its common, but I searched the forums and could not find a thread. I know this is not just a few of us. Is there plans on addressing this issue? Any formal word? Thank you.

Could you post a full gamelog?

Right-click Conan Exiles in Steam. Manage → Browse local files.

Navigate to ConanSandbox\Saved\Logs and get the ConanSandbox.log after the crash happens
(note, if you restart your game after, the log will be renamed to a backup and wiped so either don’t start your game after a crash before you grab the log or check the timestamped backups in the folder to make sure you grab the right ones. Could even grab several for consistency)

Upload it here with the Upload button:

Why would my individual game log help with an ongoing game wide issue that spans all platforms? I can post it this evening when it happens, but it isnt just me, from what I hear everyone is having the same issue. I was hoping someone knew when they are addressing it.

You heard wrong :man_shrugging: which is probably why you didn’t find a “How to fix your ongoing game-wide crash” thread…
People are having crashes for various different reasons and the majority of players are not having them.

And while the log may not help at all, there’s a chance it does.
If you’re actually trying to report a bug then you need to supply the information the bug report template asked for.

Maybe they should post bug reports with their log as well.

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Thank you, and I get that logs would help, but the unfortunate part is its always as a fight starts and dying and losing everything isn’t an option, but I will try to cause one with crappy stuff and get a log. I was just hoping that someone already had an answer is all.

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Well, if you get one and upload it, I’ll take a look at it and try to help in case there’s some clue in it!

ConanSandbox.log (818.5 KB)

thank you for your help!

Hmm, that log actually doesn’t appear to contain a crash and it’s a clean shutdown (like when you purposely close the game)
Maybe you grabbed the wrong one?

In any case it does contain a massive amount of 3d error spam further up so I’m wondering if there’s anything special going on with your video drivers. Are they updated properly?

Basically your game seems to want to go into dedicated fullscreen mode and something appears to be preventing that.
Can result from video driver issues or various overlay software.
A potential solution for that part would be to play in borderless mode (should always do that regardless if you’re using overlay software purposely).
And even thou there was no crash in this log, it might be related

Thank you, I do run it in full screen and will try that. Thank you for your time looking at it! I will make the changes you suggested and see if it helps!

No worries, if you still get crashes and manage to get a log that has the whole fatal error section at the end then you can still throw that in so we can see if there’s any other clues in there.

Here’s an example, you would see something like this at the very end of a log that was made during a crash:

Now this section doesn’t contain any useful information, but we generally check what happened before this to see if there’s anything that points to a specific cause (sometimes there simply isn’t :slight_smile: )

Will Do! Thank you, I am updating my video drivers now, and ill test. Thank you again for your time!

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ConanSandbox.log (106.6 KB)
Yeah, same thing. Although the video warnings went away, it still crashed in the middle of a fight. I can farm all day without issue. Any time I try to fight it crashes. It would do it very very randomly for the last couple of months, but since the last patch it is just about every time. Pretty much a farming sim at this point. I can’t even work towards any new content. I do appreciate your help and efforts. Just odd that it happens like this since the last patch release and a couple of friends have the same issue (one stated there were forum threads which led me here). Another friend (coincidentally the one with the worst internet) never has an issue. Odd.

Something weird is going on here…
The direct3D errors indeed went away just as we thought, however your log yet again does not contain a crash… it’s a completely clean shutdown.

Basically this is what I would get if I quit the game regularly… everything in your log indicates that the game was told to close and closed in a regular manner
[2023.03.24-22.32.29:447][144]Closing by request

So at this point humor me… but I’m wondering whether it’s something simple as you hitting a close window combination during combat… maybe you bound some weapon swap key to F4 and you’re dodging and it makes alt+F4 together? Or something similar… maybe some fancy keyboard driver cross-mapping keys in a weird way so it results in something similar?

Nope, its definitely not that lol. Just in case, I went through and checked. I did find another thread (which is what I was looking for) that this is going on for many many players across many servers since the last patch. I play other games as well, but only this one has the issue. I am positive it is on Funcoms side since 3 of the 4 people I play with have the same issue, many of the players on both servers I play on have this issue and now what I found on the forums. One person completely reloaded his PC to try to fix it and nothing. Another clue is Ive had this issue on 2 PC’s, my old one and this one, that I built last month. Judging by the timing, it has got to be a Funcom issue with the last patch.

Here is the other post

The thread you linked is talking about a disconnect from the server though, it’s not about their game crashing.

Those are totally different things, as you can see the initial post there even contains a screenshot of them being thrown to the main menu with a “Connection lost” message - their game isn’t closing.

You said above that your game crashes to the desktop so based on that I’m understanding one of of the following:

  • You get a “fatal error” message with the game completely closing
  • Your game instantly closing completely

Neither of the above are related to the issue described in the thread you linked.

If however you’re getting simply disconnected like the person in the other thread you linked and your game does not close, but you only get a “Connection lost” message and you only get kicked off the server, then that’s a different story.

Ok maybe I misworded, but that is EXACTLY what is happening to me. My game does NOT crash to desktop, it crashes to the main menu. It states “connection lost” and drops to the main menu. This happens on any server I am on, happens more often than not when I get into a fight, does NOT happen during normal game play (only when i get into a fight). Happened with two different computers, updated drivers, most recent bios, drivers less than a month old, on a stable internet connection on battery backup.

In short, I am having the same exact problem that many many conaners are having. Id put in a ticket, but funcom will just close it without doing anything anyways so its pointless. I have over 3k hours in the game, been PC gaming since playing quake via dialup, and never have seen this issue (the whole gamut of BF’s, COD’s, atlas, ark, VR, name it). I do thank you for pointing me to the log files, although as you see, they don’t lead me anywhere. Again, thank you very very much for your time and efforts in helping me resolve this, although I dont see us fixing it, since I really doubt its related to anything on my setup. If you look at the link to the post, the original poster listed what is happening, which mirrors my issue. Thank you!!!

I should have stated the Game Session crashes, not the game itself.