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I log in to play on a server and I crash like 5 seconds alert I join how do I stop this from happening I’m tired of reinstalling the game just for the same thing to happen when I get off and try play again I tired deleting saved data and restarting my Xbox as well as logging in on single player for 20 minutes but nothing is working it’s a good game and all but I seem to be really buggy

Yeah sadly the game has been crashing like this since the September update uninstall an reinstall does not work they need to remove the message an sometimes you can go to single player make sure you hit the x button for continue single player an stay in the game for like 5 minutes then load in to the server your trying to play on hope this helps an hope they get it fixed soon

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Here’s more info on the stability issues on Xbox. Funcom is aware of the issues and working on solving these problems. When I go online, I usually wait for the server search function (the three pulsating circles) to finish before joining the game (I wait for the “Y refresh” button to appear). If my search results are all “0” of 40 I refresh and wait for the button to appear again. I’ve been able to play online for well over an hour with no real issues.

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