Server crashing - online

Game mode: Online
Problem: Crash
Region: usa… idk what title that is

Any chance fixing the constant server crashing coming up on the fix list? Never been kicked from a game as much as this one does.

Note: people say login on the offline and then back online to fix… but seriously this is a sad workaround when this bug just needs to be fixed.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Login
  2. Click pve…pvp… doesnt matter which online they all have crashed before
  3. Loads character but crashes in a minute or so. Always random
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completely agree!


Hello @Narue1992, welcome to the forums!

We can assure you that our team actively works on issues and optimizations, please let us know if the latest patch helps out with the crashes you’re facing and, if not, feel free to share further information with us.

Hotfix completely broke the game. We get to the loading screen for server and game crashes to dashboard. Looks like you need a hotfix for the hotfix.

Does it only occur while trying to join a server?
Are you able to start a singleplayer session and posteriorly login to an official server?

I am able to go into a local game, just can’t join a server. I tried the workaround, but it didn’t work. We just can’t get on to our own server. Or any other, for that matter.

Had to wipe the save game on the server to be able to play on it. Luckily, we were planning to do that, anywas. Would have been a little upset if we had a lot of work on that save.

Crashes even after you login single player game then back into online server. I’ve found that if a clan member is on server playing they can invite you to game and it will not crash as much. It just crashed on me while trying to access my blacksmith table.

Join server…get into server…move around maybe a couple feet…all crashing

Been there too. I just dont understand…I’ve tried to reload the game on online 15 times in a row before it let me in. Obviously I am still playing because sometimes I’m lucky it wont crash but every day I play I have a minimum of 1 crash

It’s frustrating :rage: disconnecting/ crashing, online/offline it’s unacceptable. Sorry but I need my medicine, please fix this issue. :wink:

So, woke up, turned on game, went into solo offline, sat there for about 20 mins, then for 10 mins i built some stuff, removed my bracelet, trying to let the game sync. left server, tried joining a pvp server, crashed. im used to it, so i try the same thing, but with building for 20 mins. remove bracelet, respawn, and leave server. tried to join the same server. crash.

how soon can we expect a fix to this? wasted 40 mins already…just adding my 2 cents

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