Crashing when logging into offical servers

I have not been able to play for but a couple of minutes before my game dashboards since launch. I have tried to play single player before going into a pvp or pve conflict server but after I create a character i crash after looking at all the bodies of other players I assume experiencing the same issues. Any Suggestions. There are still a lot of glitches, but let’s solve one at a time without a major 50gb update to create more.


My entire clan (8 people) are experiencing the same thing, each and every one of us, for the past day now… and this rate we will loose our shot at being the highest level and the best clan, along with all those purge rewards…

We have played this game for over a year to find out that we can’t even utilize our knowledge because Funcom won’t (or can’t) utilize theirs…

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Yep same thing here. This was supposed to be solved before launch

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SAME! This keeps happening to me.

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Same situation here

Leave official server look for good private one

Same thing here. Just wish we had an update of some kind if/when this issue might be resolved. Seems like a wide spread issue for all of xbox not just small, isolated events.

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Feels like a gimmick for them to force people to buy private servers.

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I was having the same issue, I uninstalled from my external drive and reinstalled to the internal drive and no more crashing. Hope that helps.

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Found a good hosted server with pvp settings Unfound Island. Since pvp officials are broke.

I did same but don’t work on official
servers it still will crash and dashboard. However on my private rented server it does not crash after 4 hours not even once! Idkw!