[XboxOne] UPDATE 3: Crashing After Login

Playing on xbox official server 1614.

Last night my game kept freezing/hanging for a few seconds during battles. It would pop back and I’d usually be dead. I was playing with two of my clan mates and neither of them were experiencing this issue. It happened about 5 times before finally the game crashed and I was thrown to the Xbox dashboard. I tried restarting the game multiple times, while my friends continued to play, and each time I got logged in my game would crash after about 10 - 20 seconds.

I’m hardwired to the internet with 110Mb down and 12Mb up. Open NAT. 0 packet loss.

My game was stored on an external HDD. I moved it to the internal storage and had the same exact issue.

I then uninstalled the game completely and reinstalled. This time the issue was similar but no crash. Once I got logged in I was kicked within 20 seconds with a message displayed saying “host has closed connection”.

This is where I’m currently at.

======UPDATE 1=====
Still crashing, but only on sever PvP 1614.

Created a new character on a new server and could play like normal.

When I returned to the server list to find 1614 it never showed up. I’m assuming server issues. Will test more tonight.

=====UPDATE 2=====
Doing some more testing tonight.

My clan mate was able to sign on and watch what was happening at our base while I was trying to login. It seems like I exist in two places at once because my spawn place was the desert and he was seeing me pop up inside our house.

I thought I had it fixed though. I decided to destroy my character and create a new one (it’s going to get wiped in a few weeks anyway right?). I was able to get through the entire character creation process taking time adjusting all my features without crashing. The minute I was in the game and making my way through the beginning it crashed within 10 seconds of actual gameplay.

A new issue arose tonight though, might be related to the crashing, but deals with joining friends on Xbox. I join via the friends list cuz it’s easier than doing a server search every time. The game crashed and when I loaded it back up, without even accepting an invite or seeking out my friends, the game immediately displayed “attempting to join session”. I got in and then it crashed like usual.

=====UPDATE 3=====
I was able to play this morning without any crashes. I got my character all the way to level 15 so then signed off. Just jumped back on, it’s mid-day here (CST) and now the crashing issue is back.

In additon, I was streaming my Xbox (wired) to my PC (wireless) while playing when this occurred. I noticed that the first time I got kicked a message popped up on the streaming app saying “network isssues”. I feel like this might be a local network thing, but because I’m not monitoring network traffic during box play I’m wondering if it’s somehow related.


I have had the same issue literally all day today as soon as I login 5-10 seconds later I see the Xbox dashboard this has happened at least 15 times with different variations of problem solving restarting my xbox, resetting my router etc… nothing has worked… It seems to me when the Xbox is trying to load all the resources into the game world buildings, building pieces, thralls etc… it just can’t and then boom Xbox dash board. Hopefully they can optimize the game to run more efficiently​ on Xbox when it releases cause if you lose all your high level gear due to a random crash…

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I think you’re right, it totally seems like too many things are loading. Crossing fingers for some sort of optimization like you mentioned. Are you on a normal Xbox one or One X?