Game crashed to desktop after 3 seconds in game

The title says it all. I had the same issue yesterday. I’m not even sure how I fixed it. I play on a dedicated server. Every time I log in, the game crashes about 3-5 seconds later. This has been going for an hour now. I’ve tried joining other servers, clearing cache, restarting my wifi, reinstalling the game. Nothing seems to work.

If you are playingon PC, can you please let me know if this issue persist after our most recent hotfix?

I’m sorry,. Should have said dashboard instead of desktop. I’m on Xbox one. I have good connection, the server has good connection and low ping. From my research it seems like a desync issue. But I don’t know how to fix or prevent it. It’s happening at this very moment. I can’t log in because the game loads and dashboards me after just a few moments of seeing my character. If I was moving when it happens, I will be at a very random location, in the same general area. It’s making the game very difficult to play, and this happens to me daily.

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same for me on x box one x game starts then i go halve way inside my structur and then i get crush too dashboard tryt now evrey thing like clearing chache unpluge router nothing. helps

I am having the same issue. Private or official as soon as i log in i crash back to home screen with the game not running on xbox 1 x. Im in the game for no more than 30 seconds. I have started over about 12 times on 12 different servers. Private servers I can play on till about level 15 to 20 before it occurs. official server is immediately. I have port forward to my xbox both 3074. My ping is around 90 to 130 against the servers in my country.

Now the constructive feedback (criticism with the hopes of change for all). This is annoying. Why pay for something that is not working. I cant play offline because ii cant meet and play with others and you cant train decent thralls at 1 to 2 hours a day unlike a server. Offline needs to equal online server mechanics of gameplay and maybe increase thrall breaking rate and amount to take on quests / raids. 50 million sold on day 1 can help provide employment for those who know how to do online gaming experience free of technical connection issues considering most games today are easy to connect with others. Lag unfortunately there is not much to fix but this issue surely can be fixed. Notice…I did not say “you” in this feedback what I am saying is get some to help provide connected online gaming you are selling for us to do. Dont just bank all that 1st day sales. Stand behind the product being released.


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same problem on my xbox, the problem comes since my official release of the game, I have been playing for over a year on conan on xbox in beta and I’m never a problem of this magnitude or even a problem that lasts also the time since 1 week I can not put reconnection, if I had only one thing to ask for conan is the return of the beta. Thank you