DESKTOP CRASH... been happening for over a year now why is not fixed

Still having Major issues of, DESKTOP CRASH.
every time I log into the game I get kicked out in only seconds got kicked this morning it took me 12 attempts to get into the game. I then had to log into a single-player mode, play that for 5 mins… then I tried it again and got into the game.
3 hrs into the game I kicks me to the Desktop of my XBOX.
For some reason this is happening more regularly, last night I was in for 1 hour then kicked me, Then another 1 hour then kicked. it happened every hour. I played the game 6 hours 6 times in all.
Again I tried Multiple servers, ill list the one I am in now.
It’s not my Internet I am on 500 meg connection.
on a Rog router, Rapture 5300 tri-band. it’s a gaming router.
and the Dashboard crash only happens on this game no other game.
The server I am on is.
Official server #2019 PvE Conflict - ping 65 40 people.limit

please fix this. I am not the only one to suffer with this issue there are youtube channels telling people how to deal with this issue, but it’s a short fix.
Log into single-player offline for 5 mins then log into the game
I keep posting this as No one replies to the post… DEVS please sort this issue.
There are multiple posts about this but why are you not listening to your players,

there are many more posts than this…

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @Wildwolfy, this is not a single crash issue as there are several circumstances that can lead to dashboarding, and the developers focus on addressing as many as possible for each patch that is released.

We’d appreciate if you share additional information that we can relay to the team to help address further crashes, such as your current XBOX model, whether the game is installed to its internal HDD or to an external one, and on which specific occasions do you experience these crashes the most (combat, inventory or menu interaction, building).

For the time being, if loading into a singleplayer session before joining an online session is not working, we’d recommend that you ensure that your console is on a wired connection and that you reset its cache by holding the power button for 10 seconds until the console powers off, then disconnecting it from the power outlet for a couple of minutes.

Additionally, you may try to perform a soft factory reset while keeping games and apps, or to fully reinstall the game, as both have reportedly assisted some users with mitigating this occurrence.

Xbox one. and my mate it happends to has the Xbox one X…installed to the Xbox hard drive , I have a Rog rapture router 5300 and 500 meg. all my devices are wired…with cat 7, we both have fast connections both wired and both installed to the internal drive. i have restalled the game twice. and I always reset the cache
I am a Computer Tech, seems like its a memory server issue. Its not down to the player, its down to your memory on your servers, i could be wrong, but this issue has been happening for some time now.

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definitely not a user error. definitely a conan server issue or something of the sort. I’m in a clan of 10 and all 10 of us get dashboarded multiple times throughout the day/night. every single person I have played with on xbox one has experienced this frustration. the worst is when you’re in the middle of trying to raid another clan and your game crashes mid fight.

sometimes when the game crashes I understand because I’m in an area with so much loot it just lags me out I guess… but most of the time, like 80% of the time it happens for no viable reason at all. for example like when I’m first joining the server. I load into single player first now every time before even attempting to join the PvP server.

I migrated to xbox from ps4. never had this issue on ps4. the occasional kick but never as bad as on xbox. makes me think that xbox is just a terrible system, or it’s a conan/Microsoft issue on xbox.

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I have Conan on the PC and never had this issue, I only bought it for the xbox as i have some mates that was on the xbox that wanted to play but this is annoying. I constantly bought this up to Funcom and every time i Get this message that feels automated like i am being fobbed off. They just cant give me a Valid reason. They put it down to Its your XBOX or your Connection and please give us more info, as you have not given us enough. or you need to deleted your game or renstall your game or reset your cache.
Thing is if they looked on you tube there are multiple videos of this issue lots of people over the years have been complaining about this issue.
They bring out Hot fixes and patches and more DLC for us to buy but have they ever fixed this issue. the Answear to that is NOPE I dont think they can… and id be very suprised if they do…
They are bringing out a new map soon,.So we going to have this Desktop issue then… Keep crashing…

Going to throw this out there. Couple days ago I purchased an SSD External HD for my xbox one S from Walmart for about $75. I wouldn’t have believed it given how small it was but this thing has completely changed the gameplay experience for me. Almost every single thing I was having a problem with is gone. No more lagging and mini-freezing everytime I go to look in a chest or crafting station, textures are loaded instead of lagging with a blur, sound is no longer lagging, enemies are now visible, the draw distance of objects is a lot farther and I can actually see things rendered in the distance, my huge fortress no longer loads in when I get close showing everything inside before the walls load in and in general everything works. Yes, there are still annoying bugs but it’s a whole new game. I have dashboarded once in the last three days and I play a lot. While it’s irritating that I have to spend more money to play this game, if you love it and hate it as much as me $75 is totally worth it. The brand I purchased was a Sandisk Extreme 250gb external HD with USB 3.0. After reading through a lot of information apparently the xbox stock HD is trash with 5400rpm, which gives about 100mbs, not enough to process taxing games like Conan or GTA V. While the SSD has speeds closer to 550mbs max. I feel kind of dumb because my computer runs SSD and it is sooo much better. If you would rather stick with normal HD (i dont know why you would) HD that have 7400rpm will give you the same outcome although HD have moving parts that wear out over time while SSD is microchips that last substantially longer. I highly recommend buying an SSD asap, the difference in the game is Night and Day. Good luck Exiles.

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Bought a 4TB SSD yesterday and moved Conan Exiles to it. It has definitely improved my gameplay, loadtimes and resolved most if not all of my lag issues.

However, instantly upon logging onto Official Server #2653 I dashboard. So nothing new as far as that is concerned. Even with this massive SSD I still am forced to load into singleplayer before being able to join and stay on the PvP server. Not a huge issue, but can definitely be a big deal during raid time or in any scenario where I’m needing to get in the server fast.

edit: will try a soft factory reset as well as re-install game completely if the reset doesn’t work. will report back.

At first everything was working great but as time goes on the game just fubars itself. The game does run smoother and a lot of the issues are fixed with the SSD but now its back to crashing every few hours. My graphics get fuzzy due to the crap memory capabilities of this game then shortly after that it dashboards. Granted, I have a huge base but they should have anticipated that. At least I can anticipate it crashing now and i just load single. Still… Its unacceptable and Funcom should be ashamed that they just blow it off. THIS SHOULD BE YOUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. Of course though, we all know it’s money, money, money.

@Brizza Like I said, I believe it’s more of a Microsoft/Xbox console issue because the crashes/dashboarding issues were slim to none on the PS4. That being said, please don’t bash the Funcom Administrators/Developers/Employees… you have to keep in mind that this game is one of a kind and the only one of it’s kind.
ARK and other survival games of this genre cannot even begin to compete with Conan Exiles IMO.
It is such a massive open world game that goes so deep into detail and coding that making it a perfect/faultless game, rationally speaking… is nearly impossible no matter which company/group of coders is working on it.
But yes, a lot of it does come down to money I can agree with you on that.

I did soft factory reset my xbox last night and didn’t dashboard within the 3 hours I was playing. Cleaned my cache as well. Going to be starting on a new server tonight so we’ll see how that goes, I will report back once I’ve put in a sufficient amount of gameplay. The server I’ve been playing on (#2653) has just been so populated that I think its breaking the server. 40 people every night. So I’m thinking surely a less populated server won’t be so glitchy/bugged.

While I can agree with you on the console HD not being fast enough to process all of the data this game has, its still mostly a game issue. There are plenty of other games that have larger worlds and more detail that don’t have a game ending crash. Expecting a decent product from a company that just puts out paid for expansion after expansion on top of an already base game that has critical errors is greed and nothing more. Again, it’s been four years this has been a problem for most of the player base and should be their top priority. Not capitalizing off new content. Bashing is a harsh word for stating facts that the game has crap memory issues. I know, because I used to make games and game ending crashes were always top priority or the game didn’t release.

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