Game crashes 5 seconds after getting in server 2653

Havent been able to play in 2 days. Server crashes after logging in. Power cycled my xbox. Internet works perfect on massive multiplayer games. Reset modem to be safe. Its just conan. My xbox is an xbox x so thats not an issue. You promised this would be fixed after beta. That getting booted from servers would end… the only thing i cared about getting fixed… any chance this will be worked on…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log on server…

I have 1gb internet which is wired with an xbox X. So please try and tell me how its my fault that it crashes. You usually like to blame our internet. Try me

anytime this happens, open up a single player game and play offline. once loaded in, pull your bracelet to kill yourself. then log out and log back into your online pvp or pve game and it should load fine. i’ve had to do it this way from time to time

Not that type of kick. Server is actually crashing. Kicking everyone. Then server is gone. Cant connect to host server. Me and a few other clans were doing dungeons all of us were kicked.