Crashes after log in, old fixes don’t work


Game mode: Online
Problem: Crash
Region: US

Game Crashed while playing, now crashes after about 10 seconds.
Tried logging into single player, worked fine. Logged into my game on official server 2500, crashed after a few seconds. Tried about ten times, logging into single player, unplugging Xbox for one minute, etc. can’t stay in game. Pretty bummed. None of the old fixes work.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.log in PVE, crash.
2.log in PvP, crash.
3.log in single player
4.log in PVE, crash.


Did you try to start a new game on a different server ?

Yesterday I experienced something similar with a char. I made a longer route, then passed a Dafari tribe and was attacked. Near that a player has a big building with guards. I was near them and tried to protect me. Suddenly all was stuttering and the game froze. I had to kill the game & start again. After loggin, all was stuttering and after some seconds the game crashed again. I started to become nervous. After logging in again I found myself naked in the desert. I ran to may body (around 10 minutes to go). For luck, the body was a bit away from the crashing point. I took my items and ran away as fast as I could.

I guess, the big building near the now much more populated village could have overloaded something. It is really ugly, as I have a xbox one x and so this should not be a question of an overloaded machine.

since the patch it feels a bit like an overload on populated places or near big player buildings.


When i first started playing after beta almost as soon as 5 o clock hit my server would start crashing. Mostly it was because everyone was on at that point and there is almost always a clan war going on; which im sure added pressure to the server. It is so much better now and there are just as many players and wars. Im thinking they will release a hotfix to help clear some of these issues up?

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