Still crashing after patch ffs

Game mode: Pvp official #2100
Problem: constant crashing
Region: EU

Some patch fix absolutely f**ing nothing. I’m now fing sick and tired of me wasting my time. Go out exploring get some good st game crashes, I the die by bull st end up swanning in the dessert. I kill myself by removing bracelet select bed roll and crash on the loading screen. Re load game on bed roll and keep crashing after about 10 seconds of being logged in. Finally get to where my body should be and ta f***ing da it no longer exists there and then crashes again. Sort your f*ing s. hit out people you have a good game one I was planning to spend a lot of time on but now as it stands fk that. Why would I want to spend time getting frustrated with it crashing. If I wasn’t to be frustrated I would spend time with the missus.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log in
  2. Log in
  3. Log in
  4. Log in

keep a close eye on the server population EVERY time I have EVER crashed people were either mass joining or the server was near full and it was crashing it seemed like to make ROOM.

There is only 14 people left on there since server went Down for patch and was only around 20 on for about 4 hours before that

Plus I just tested something that would strongly indicate its the game not just the servers. Log in to a server log out of it and then the game still crashes on the main menu

Same with me on 2100… Has the patch/update actually happened or was it just a server side patch which means we wouldn’t have to download anything…

If it has happened i haven’t been able to move 5 mins since the server crashed!

They were patching the server so no download for us to be done just a a log out and a stay out lol

Oh really, well ive managed to get in and move about 3 and half hours after update but im now back to instant dashboarding…