Constantly downloading after latest patch

Ever since the latest patch whenever I log in I get the spinning download circle, and heavy lag to go with it, even after setting the background download slider all the way to the left.

It seems the same where ever I am in game, so it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with zoning into a new area. The lag is making the game pretty much unplayable right now, but I have loitered around for a few hours to see if the download would complete, but no luck.

Any help?

The download slider should be to the right for Unlimited speed.

Okay thanks, but setting it to the left is a good way to limit the lag (latency) that the background downloading causes on slower connections, which is what I have.

To add though, while loitering I did set it higher to see if it would complete the download, but even after an hour it was still spinning.

I’m really thinking there is some sort of caching error here or some such, since it was downloading the same no matter where I was, Toyko, Agartha, even in the museum. Also to add that while I have not been to the new zone in South Africa yet, I have played with no issue since it was introduced – it’s just been with the 2.2.1 patch that there has been any issue.

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Yeah, I’ve been playing on a full install and have visited every zone multiple times and yet I still get the spinny loading indicator coming up constantly after every patch.

It isn’t necessarily a problem to see background downloading if you have the full game installed. Background downloading is not just for downloading the game files. There’s a good chance that the background downloading is a red herring. From what you mentioned in this thread, I’d say the bigger problem is the lag.

There’s too many potential causes to list here, but we’d be happy to take a look in tech support. You can start a tech support ticket by going to and classing your ticket under “Tech”.

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I appreciate the response. Unfortunately my lag issue is out of your (and my) control. My internet connection is either EVDO cellular (yep, not even 4G) or satellite. And the EVDO is only about one bar ( and that’s boosted), but that is still preferable to the unavoidable high latency of the satellite connection.

This means to play at all I shut down all other possible network using background processes on my gaming machine just to get about a 160 ping, and any extra downloading is immediately noticeable – even people running into view wearing new clothes.

I was only posting here to see if others were having the constant downloading issue, or if I had some sort of bug that I could clear up on my own.

To me it’s sounding like the problem is 99% your internet connection. :confused:

I also see this spinning downloading thing all the time now since last patch. It’s constant. My SWL folder is:
38.3 GB (41,192,064,445 bytes) today - i will keep a check on this to see if it increases as the days move on. I’m hoping it’s a graphical bug and not constantly downloading

I don’t see constant spinner thing but my SWL folder is 39.2 GB, I guess it’s its normal size.

Well, that’s true of 99% of all my problems.


In other news, I’ll be signing up for Starlink as soon as it becomes a thing…

Downloading latest patch now, I’ll let you know if it is still happening. I have been able to get on and play in the last few days, so the spinning circle might just be a glitch.

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Oddly enough i haven’t seen it today lol

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Good news, problem has gone away with the latest patch. Both spinning circle is gone and latency is markedly improved.

Patches taketh, and patches giveth back.

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