Stuttering every few seconds

This is constantly stuttering. I don’t know why. My pc can play ark survival evolved and other games without stuttering on high but this game doesn’t stop stuttering every few seconds and only needs a very low end pc. is there any way to fix it?

Is there a rotating icon in the topbar while it’s stuttering? If so it’s because you’re downloading background data, most likely clothing items from other players.

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is there a way to do something against it? because it’s really annoying. and yes there’s a rotating icon

When you go to a new location spin around then wait a minute until you load everything extra into your rdb.

If your internet connection is fast enough you can uncap the speed of background downloads in the settings. But there’s unfortunately no way to avoid them or just wait them out. They happen whenever they’re necessary, even with the “full client” selected on the patcher.

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