Game freezes every few mins

Hello there,

since the latest patch my game freezes after some minutes. I can still hear the sound but the screen is frozen. Someone knows how to fix that? Already restarted the pc and repaired the game.


my game keeps freezing as well , it seems they have some work to do

Also therryy , did you have to re-create your character logging in for the first time after the funcom patch?


This same things happens to me as well. Very annoying!

i see there is a large download through Steam , maybe this will be the fix

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It hasn’t for me, it did fix the server search list though.

Yep I have this issue as well, also tried everything.

Have the same Issue I hope they fix it soon…

Crashes here too…just goes into full hang. I dont even last 60 seconds in game before it happens.

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Yup. Can’t even get the game to launch.

It seems the constant hang crashes come more if you tab out

Yup crashes after 1 or 2 minutes anyone aware of a fix

I can play Single Play without Freeze, maybe the Server can’t handle the Update

There are many people on our server that don’t crash. And there are some that crash…I don’t know of any pattern, we did small poll on graphics cards and most had 1060, 1070 or 1080 cards and it just varied who crashed and who not. Having fully updated NVidia drivers.

So am out of ideas what the difference is but for those who it is crashing for the game is totally not usable.

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agreed, expensive junk

Yes Windows 10

also uses windows 10

23 seconds after logging in:

Tried this time to go from Ultra to Medium and turning off VSync.

No luck

Did the same. No luck.

I have the same problem. Timing is at random but never longer than 4 minutes on about 15 tries
Tried: - On a private server or in solo
- With mods and without mods (Removed completely)
- Walking around / doing things or just standing still

It freezes without tapping out. only solution to shut it down is logging off from windows.
Played Conan 12 hours before update and everything was fine.

All drivers are up to date.
on I7 9700K, 32gb, 1080ti , installed on SSD

edit: It does remind me of the issues Ark survival evolved had/has with UE4 combined with nvidia cards. Just hope it isnt the same .

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One of my clan members lost their character with the first update and I had no problems; after the patch, I kept having my game freeze to black screen and had to restart my computer to get out of it. Verifying the game files did not help and, now, cannot play…