Controller style movement off on xbox?

I played on xbox. When Exiles was released you could turn off the controller style movement, so the camefa was fixed behind your character. That is how I played. Then Funcom removed the option to setect this on the xbox and I HATE controller style movement, where you run towards the screen instead of walking backwards.

Before I get my hope up I just want to ask if this option is in fact reintroduced on xbox, so I can play with the fixed camera like I used to?

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They changed that across all platforms. They removed the option.
Which in my opinion has completely F’ed battle on PC. They screwed mouse/keyboard battle.
I’ve given up on it, just sucked the fun out of fighting, and to add insult to injury they handed your enemies laser guided weapons. They can hit you with their back to you.

Ch4 is up coming 2?th of March I think. Supposed to put some option in that simulates the previous battle mechanic. But that’s funcom, fix it till it’s broke good.

So the option to turn controller style movement off is no longer in options? They removed it years ago on console, which made me stop playing because that wonky camera where you run towards the camera just sucks.

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