Diable controller style movement!

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Controls]
Region: [Everywhere]

WHY have you removed the option for disabling controller style movement? That is absolutely the most daft update you have done! Game plays horribly and aiming your melee attacks is a pain. Why would you do something as insane as remove that option?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


have you checked your settings you can toggle off and on

As far as I know we haven’t removed that option. We would have said so if we did it purposefully

It’s not there anymore and some settings don’t get saved. Show contextual controls for example.

are you not playing on a server that disable this option ?

I’m on singleplayer and the option is gone.

The option has disappeared from both my wife and my Xbox version. We are playing on a private server and no server setting have been changed since the update. Any idea what causes it to be removed then if it wasn’t done in the patch?

Playing without that setting is such a pain to be honest, because the accuracy of melee attacks is bad and frustrating, especially when we’re in bigger melees.

Any update on this?

Could you please fix this or respond to the issue. It is real! The controller type movement option has disappeared from the game menu, for every single person I know who has the game on Xbox.

Game is horrible to play with the default controls!

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Same issue here and it has pretty much taken all the fun out of the game for me. Combat and even harvesting is a pain now. Someone please figure this out or fix it.

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@Jens_Erik - community manager. You answered in this thread that you have not removed the option. It has disappeared however and I have not talked to a single person on Xbox who still see the option. It would be nice with an update, because I just cannot play the game with that horrible controller style movement.

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Just to confirm this- upon checking today, I discovered that the option to disable controller style movement is indeed gone (Xbox One X).

It sounds like they may not have removed some options intentionally, but they definitely borked some things up with the latest Xbox update. I personally just wish there was a way to backup and export the local database for single-player/co-op games. What these guys are doing doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

The option is still missing.

Latest update - option is still missing. This is completely lame. No word from funcom except to say they did not remove it on purpose - BUT THE OPTION TO DISABLE CONTROLLER TYPE MOVEMEMT IS GONE FROM THE MENUS! Playing the game as it is not is annoying and a pain.

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yep, I’m pretty much done with the game because of it. Sucks cause I was really enjoying it and looking forward to future updates and dlc, sure not going to buy dlc for it now though.

What exactly was “removed”? I’ve got no issues.

there use to be an option to change the control style from the default one to one were the camera view stayed centered behind your character at all times when in third person. It made everything much more precise, especially combat when you don’t lock on to a target, but also mining, gathering, accessing containers, etc.

Huh. There was an update today. Is it fixed?

Sadly no, and the developers don’t seem to care. the only response I’ve seen from anyone affiliated with the game was this:

Jens_Erik Community Manager

As far as I know we haven’t removed that option. We would have said so if we did it purposefully

so as far as anyone knows they are ignoring the issue. :frowning:

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