Using controllers with conan

**Game mode: Online private server
**Type of issue: I can get my controller to work with about half of the servers but it won’t work with some. all of the functions work but none of the movement functions. can’t fix it. character won’t move or look around.
**Server type: PvE
**Region: I do not have a clue what regions these servers are on. has nothing to do with the problem.

all of the controller’s functions work except for the movement and looking around.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. no fricken clue.

Hey @OneCrazyOldGamer

We’ll need a little extra information to provide some help. What controller are you using? Do you have more than one controller plugged in at the same time? On the servers in which they’re not working, are there any mods installed?

I am using an Xbox one after glow controller on my PC. I only have the one controller hooked up. yes there are several mods on each of the servers I am playing on. around 20+ mods. it works on some with mods and does not work on others with mods. so no clue how to fix it. in the setting it won’t let me set up the left round directional button for movement. it has the symbol but it won’t let me copy it or use it for that button. it already has like 3-4 buttons it is set on. any idea how to fix it?

Could you help with a little of troubleshooting to see if we can spot the culprit?
Could you try disabling all mods and see if this issue persists, and if not, re-enable each mod one by one until you spot which one is the one causing the interference?
Thanks in advance.

Here’s your culprit probably -> (Improved Quality of Life), right on it’s workshop page ->

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the only problem with that is that I am on someone elses server can I still disable the mini map on the mod on their server for myself?

i believe it is the comfort of life mod causing it. working on fixing it now.

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