Convergence Trap not working

I noticed the past few days the convergence trap stated it was down and to check the server settings for more info (official server 8065). How it now shows available so I used my lesser to revoke the purge as I am not fond of it due to NPC’s glitching into rock walls, never ending waves, etc. When I clicked craft to revoke it nothing happened!!! All 200 lesser gone and my purge meter is still 98% full. Did they disable the convergence trap? Anyone else experiencing this?

There is a server setting which only allows purges to occur between certain hours. If it is not between those hours (listed in settings) then the convergence trap cannot spawn purges and will display the message you saw.

I get that but I am trying to revoke or remove my purge. I have done it several times outside of the purge hours with no issues. This started after the age of war update.

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