Convergence Trap?

I’m playing on an official PvE-c server and the server setting says purge is between 18:00-22:00 so a small 4 hours window if I am understanding it right? i thought that was only for the normal purge without forcing it to spawn.

I thought the whole purpose of the convergence trap was to make the purge happen when you want it to no matter the time so you can be online to take part in it or do it outside PVP time and so on, heard some streamers say you can start it whenever you want no matter the server settings but guessing you can’t do that or at least not anymore?

I tried clicking the trap and it’s always disabled for summons since i don’t get on much in 4 hours window to test if it would work there so maybe one of you got the answer?

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Either those streamers played on private or they are like ‘‘fake news’’ leakers, it never was like that from the begin when the trap was reworked to spawn or delay purges… NEVER dunno with streamers said that but i play on siptah from day 1 of release , many bugs and things found but this one always spawn purges only in that gap + the gap is actual server timezone so if u are on german server it will be german time zone, if russian, then moscow time zone etc

Only thing about this is that it basically spawn random normal purge its not different from other also it may happen any place where is ur base, that trap basically just fill the purge meter for u and also it wont start if someone else is having purge of trap spawn or just purge … because its kinda same purge just with trap u fill ur clan or ur meter…

edit : tho i dont know, this is my experience . maaaybe someone can spawn it but it did not worked for me…


You must be on during your servers Purge times to use the traps, that is correct. They are only usable during that window. You can spawn a Purge so you don’t have to worry about it hitting you at random. (Yes, you may have to wait for it it spawn, yes it can hit any of your bases.) Or if you don’t feel like dealing with a Purge at all you can just use that feature and, empty your bar.

Seems like @NeoTheMatrix covered everything.


Thanks for the info, saves me the trouble to keep checking the damn thing to see if it works or not, wish it worked the other way around though would make a bit more sense so there could be more purges then just a few within that window but cant have it all i guess :slight_smile:

I didn’t know that it could hit any base, I have forced a purge 4-5 times, and they all went straight for the base with the convergence, I even tried building a small fortress just outside my main base with wheel and convergence trap, the purge which every time was accursed went right by my main base without even touching it, it seemed like they were only interested in the part where the convergence trap was.
This might have changed lately since I haven’t used the forced purge the last 2-3 months, but in those forced purge I did, they never went for anything else but the place with the trap, or I was just really lucky :slight_smile:


I haven’t done anything with it since the last “two” (for PlayStation) updates. We set it off at our wheel house, Purge hit at a base we had NE on the map. I don’t know if that’s the intended way it is supposed to work. But that was our experience with it thus far. If I run any more I’ll update with the results.

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Is the wheel house big enough to be eligible for purge?

110% it’s also a temple. :sweat_smile::yum:

Gotten Purged at that location as well before.


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