COOKED content, UNCOOKED content [PC]

Alright, I just bought the game and finished installing it, but whenever I run it I get prompted about cooked content. For instance, "The global shader cache file ‘C:/Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Conan Exiles/Engine/GlobalShaderCache-PCD3D_SM4.bin’ is missing.

Your application is built to load COOKED content. NO COOKEDD content was found; This usually means you did not cook content for this build. It also may indicate missing cooked data for a shader platform(e.g., OpenGL under Windows): Make sure your platform’s packaging settings incluse this Targeted RHI.

Alternatively build and run the UNCOOKED version instead.

Can someone tell me what my problem is and how I would be able to get around it? Thank you.

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