Global shader cache file is missing...cant run game

Okay so i havent had any issues running the game before today. I tried to run it today, and right after the Conan Exiles boxed logo pops up, I get an error message from windows saying:

The global shader cache file ‘c"/program files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Conan Exiles/Engine/GlobalShaderCashe-PCD3D_SM4.bin’ is missing.

Then it says a bunch of other stuff about no cooked content being found. I run windows 10, so it shouldnt be a DX11 isssue. Like I said I’ve been running the game before today with no probs. No its broke. HEWP!

Have you tried verifying your install in steam?

Im validating the steam files now. standby.

all files successfully validated. Gonna do a full restart on my system to rule out anything stupid simple on my end. I DID just update my GPU drivers yesterday, and havent restarted since. standby.

Ah, that one. Yeah a restart should fix that crash :slight_smile:

Bingo. Yep, the system restart cleared up the issue. Thanks for the quick response!

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