Coop at 3 player

Since the game has 3 playable characters, is a coop with 3 players could be considered? It would make the game more difficult and fun!

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Hey @lordwrite,

Thanks for taking the time to write! Now let’s see if we were to increase the amount of players in Co-Op may not work as is for two particular reasons:

  1. The size of the map and the distribution of resource would have to be scrutinized since a lot of our balance choices were made with the idea that there would not be more than 2 players in a co op team. Plus this would also affect the difficulty of enemies and potentially increase map generation time in order to make larger maps…
  2. In Co Op everything is shared (except for Training Grounds and Temples) which means that with 3 players there might be an issue with the team stalling out much quicker due to Upkeep. One could make the argument hat teams would have to communicate way more in order to keep the income flowing smoothly.

Now we are not saying that i’ts not something we’ve at least considered before because you’re right it does sound like fun, but there was a high probability that it would take up a lot of time to get right and we might end up having to create a lot of exceptions to the rules we created and at that point it might just be better to experiment with creating other “Modes” for people to play.


is there a mod that enables 3 players coop? even if it is not balanced if we are 3 friends we cant play the game together due to that limitation. it could be a just for fun mod not necessarily a big and official one with balance updates.