Correct me if I am wrong, please?

My first thoughts on Conan Exiles: I can actually see my feet while looking down in 1st person. It reminds me of Skyrim while the success of this game depends more on the mods one obtains. In a way, players create their own experience and story. The interaction between player and mods is the key opposed to many games that supply only add-ons to enhance the game. The winning factor is one can play with other people and friends here. It has strength in expanding not only in the sense of a VR game but in story because of the many Conan books (the writing in book is actually very poetic and feels to be in alignment with Game Of Thrones given the content and action. Ironically this sharply contrasts with what we usually can expect from the Conan movies). All these measures currently feel a bit loose, though and without full definition in how they can be more user friendly - - it is in search of mod guides scattered throughout the internet. I feel the game is a bit raw out of the box and this makes it feel a bit empty and dull. There is a lot riding on the mods that will be created, it is reliant on the energy to discover imaginative mod makers to propel the game. On a further downside, the fantasy genre will limit the degree of inventiveness and encapsulate it in the Conan world. The game’s added concern in building shelters is a questionable activity in terms of fun, a survival game, none the less. It is Conan and with the raw material expanding in earnest, it harnesses a further degree of emptiness and somewhat of a dull atmosphere. Funcom maybe pushing a bit too fast; thus, not allowing the mods to be created at a faster rate. The reviews have hurt the game and the overall aspirations and enthusiasm of the finer mod creators. This might throw the boat into a direction in lesser areas of fun. What can a player do to help it. I feel the success of any game depends on the story the players create through their adventures with each other. This also defines the mods one must acquire to evenly appreciate the shared gaming experience. In this respect, forming groups is a more immediate factor to the overall experience and success; How can this be made more fun and actually simplified. The biggest failure and achievement in WoW is the “group finder” - this alternates social behavior depending on the time one plays - brushing against elusive demographics. Long distance friendships are a necessary challenge and the degree of fun a concern for growth; A librarian can coordinate the overall organization and an editor the focus and simplification; Novelty is the only reward for the effort applied to any quest: music for software engineers.