Corrupt data found please verify your installation

Hey, my friend have the problem that he can’t launch conan exiles.
It starting for 6s and crash with the error message “corrupt data found please verify your installation”
His launch don’t blow up on his playtime in steam.
New install, verify game files, delete mod/modlist.txt and other things we have try.

Any suggestion for this error?

Kindest Regards, Noah

unsubscribe from mods
manually clean workshop folder
verify game files integrity
subscribe and re-download mods
launch conan via steam

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…and adding mods one by one to see which one is causing the issue.

Feel free to post your mod list below.

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He buy this game fresh as an bundle. He hasn’t any mods installed before or other. He reinstall the game 3x, verified it, delete mod.txt (and the folder), engine etc. folders and verify again. Nothing worked.

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drive dying?
try chkdsk

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Nope, he install the game on 2 different drives (SSD/HDD) and it don’t work.
Everytime the same error message.
His storage is in a good condition.

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