Corrupt data found, my game no longer runs

QUESTION: What is in this new patch that is corrupting the data files? How do I fix this?
This issue is about Conan Exiles. This game has always run great for me, I’m on a very nice custom built gaming PC and I’ve had exactly zero issues thus far. Note, I did NOT purchase Isle of Siptah, as i usually like to wait a bit after launch so the bugs can be worked out. I was still required to download a huge patch for it, fine. After downloading, my game errors and tells me “Corrupt data found, please verify your installation”. So I verify the integrity of the game files to fix the issue, i get the green light and i start Conan Exiles again. It errors again, same message. So i verify files again, it says it’s fixed, and the game errors again…
At this point I uninstall the whole program and then re-install to try and fix the issue, game installs, it updates with needed patches, I open my game, and receive the same error message. So I verify files again just in case, and nothing. I had no issues running Conan Exiles before the patch on my PC, this points to the patch being the problem. I’ve spent hours troubleshooting and now I need help.

Disable mods! I had the same problem, because updating and even completely reinstalling the game did not disable the mods I was using.
The game engine is updated from 4.15 to 4.16 and 99% of the mods won’t work until the creators update their mods in 4.16.

How do I disable the mods if I can’t run the game? Is there a way to do that without opening the game up?

Side note: I already did a clean wipe and re-install to get it working again. It worked fine until another update came out 2 days ago, now it’s having the same problem. This is so frustrating!

Sorry I didn’t know you can’t even get to the main menu. Not 100% that mods cause you problems, but it has a big chance to it.

I assume you don’t want to unsubscribe and redownload the mods again, sooo… I don’t know maybe replacing the whole Steam/steamapps/workshop/content/440900 Folder helps (?)
If doesn’t you should try unsubscribe, delete the whole folder I mentioned above and downloading the updated mods again.
That helped me one time I had similar issues.

I tried what you said and it still doesn’t work, but thank you for the advice. But yeah the game doesn’t even start, I click to launch it, and tells me that the files have been corrupt and that the program was terminated.

I’ll have to do ANOTHER clean wipe and re-install, so here goes another 7 hours of wasted download/install time, along with all my single player data gone. And then I’m sure they’ll have another patch in a day or so that’ll corrupt the files AGAIN as this is the third time it’s happened already…

Does it say “serialization error”? Because that is what it shows when you try to run mods that are no longer compatible with the game. I would suggest unsubscribing from all your mods, deleting your modlist.txt (if you have one) and verifying the integrity of the files without any mods interfering.

The location of your mod list is: …\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Mods

If you manage to start the game successfully, you can add mods again but look for mods updated as of 15.09.2020 onwards.

Don’t forget to create a backup before messing with anything mod related.

Thank you Narelle, I’ll keep this in mind and try it for the next patch update they put out. At this point it looks like I’m going to have this issue with each and every patch they release.

For now, I’ve already wiped Conan Exiles and I am reinstalling clean, just 5.5 hours left to wait :neutral_face:

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