Corrupted game.db file. Can't restore game world on my server. HELP!

I’m trying to feel my away around these forums and I’m hoping I’ve got the right place for this.

I screwed myself royally and forgot to back up my game.db file while doing a teardown/rebuild of my dedicated server. I ended up deleting the entire ded server directory (including deleting it from my recycle bin!) along with my game.db file. So now, all user created content and history is lost.

I used a deep scan tool to try and recover the game.db file, but the only one I could get back was a backup: game_backup_37.db I’m guessing that the latest game.db file and all the other backups are unrecoverable.

However, when I try to rename game_backup_37.db to game.db and start up the ded server, the server crashes. A deeper look into my recovered game_backup_37.db file shows that it is not recognized as a database file…that’s the error I get back from sqlite and other sqlite database recovery tools.

Is anyone here really good at this kind of thing who thinks they might be able to look at this file and see if they can get it repaired/recovered? I’ve tried multiple deep disk scan programs and this game_backup_37.db is so far the only one that can be recovered.

If Funcom tech support can find this thread, I’d be more than happy to upload the .db file to them to see if they have any solutions.

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