Corrupted map? (impossible farming at south)

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

Okie, Year ago i writed something similar, about bugged south islands, where harvesting seems impossible, something like this was llooong time ago also on exile lands, but it was fixed there…
So about problem - I marked it with numbers based on with side what is happening…
From left to right by 1,2,3
So :
1 - Ashlands : in this region its impossible to get stones normally, at some grids, mostly where it borders with main siptah island or floodlands, its working like this , when u harvesting using any tool well actually any possible harvest way , u hit only one time this stone, and it disappears by turning invisible… so u cant harvest it any more, but collision are on place still because u did not harvested the node… this happens all ashlands on random grids till border line where stones are inside floodland , where it is harvestable normally
2 - Floodlands or middle part of south islands - Same thing as with stones in ashland, but in floodland u cant harvest grass normally untill u leave region to other 2 or main land… also bordered
3 - Grey one side - also same thing as with two before but there u cant harvest wood normally, if u hit any tree it also disappears but collision are still possible so its also turning invisible

P.S my guess grass also turns invisible but because it has no collision u cant really tell…
Trying to add video and image for first time :smiley: i hope it will work



Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Just simple one step - Start harvest at south side islands on siptah

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