Black Ice Harvesting (2nd)

Game mode: Online official #8000
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU
Hardware: PS4, Model Nr.: CUH-2016B

Bug Description:

*The black ice nodes around the top right of K9 on Isle of Siptah seem to disappear after one hit. When trying to move through the position it is clear that you can‘t pass, even though there‘s nothing to see.
You cannot gain more resources from such a node and have to wait for it to respawn completely.
This problem occured ecery time I tried to harvest them.

I don‘t know any other black ice nodes with this problem, though I haven‘t harvested that much different nodes yet.

Expected Behavior:

Instead of being able to gather black ice several times per node you only get resources once and then the node disappears. It seems to be invisible, as you can‘t pass through it, and you can no longer interact with it in any way.

Steps to Reproduce:

Just use a pickaxe on a black ice node near the top right of K9 on Isle of Siptah.


I confirm it happens but not only there. On exile lands servers it happens in random nodes, stone, tree, iron etc… You hit once, they disappear and after 5 secs the node appears again


Same for coal and tree stumps.


This is all part of the same issue with the rendering of the game. It started with the last patch, and there has been no fix for Playstation as of yet. It makes the game rather challenging.


Yes, but the problem with these black ice nodes is that they don’t come back

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@speedice, It is a great issue, yet I love your approach about challenging game :rofl::rofl::rofl:. On exile lands I can fight invisible enemies because I know exactly where they are, in Siptah however I died a lot of times :woman_shrugging:t4:. Anyway.
@Yello1997, I know, yet neither of both should happen and the problem is relative I suppose that’s why I add the other issues :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah I felt like next level when I first time decided not to wait for the npc to be visible and run threw the black galleon and exactly know where the npcs are :joy:
But sometimes some of them spawn later and than they scare me when I am thinking I am alone on the galleon…
Worst problem then is, when the sound is also delayed and you don’t know that there is someone yelling on you…

A new situation last time… The werewolfs don’t take any damage and they killed my sandreaper queen and my horse… :sob: I decided to wait until they fix this before I go to North in my new started pve and maybe there will be a fix on for a pvec than i am happy with this game again…

The disappearing nodes of every kind of recource i see all over the map, but indeed after few seconds they are visible again. Not like verjigorm describe it here.

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I had some of these who will be invisible for a few seconds after harvesting and then reappear.

Those are not a big problem, though it‘s still a bug.

Don‘t know if it‘s something with the rendering. In that case you should probably be able to harvest them nonetheless.

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