Harvesting coal nodes disappear after one hit with little return

While testing on Isle of Siptah map on PVE official server:

  1. Harvest a coal node
  2. Node disappears after 1 hit with only 6-8 coal harvested
  3. Noticed the same behavior with gold and silver nodes as well

Stone and wood work as expected however wood stumps also exhibit the same behavior described above.

I am unable to replicate the issue on exiled lands official test server or single player. Might be a siptah map issue?
What equipment are you using?
What attributes are you using?
Which nodes are you using exactly? Screenshots or videos will probably be needed as this seems more isolated.

This is on Isle of Siptah on the official PVE testlive server, I did not experience this issue on EL map

Just using standard stone pick, stats are 10 in expertise 5 in vitality.

You can clearly see in the clip below that stone works fine but coal does not:

havest issue clip on youtube

Quick update:

It seems that the problem is localized in certain areas of the map, this problem was around L-M-N / 6-7-8 Going further south to K-5 and surrounding grids the nodes were fine. Unsure about other areas of the map though.

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